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Technical Support / URL index issue
« on: December 08, 2009, 10:43:26 pm »
I finally got around to building a simple website for Painted Adelaide (this being her partner in crime).  I uploaded the content to the public_html folder and deleted the placeholder page and image that was there from october.

Now though, when I key in the address bar, it takes me to the placeholder page that I deleted.  Not sure how that's even possible, but when I navigate to the URL, that's what happens.  The funny thing is, once I add /index.htm to the end of the URL, I get the home page I just uploaded, and all the links there work properly. 

I can't imagine what's different now, because the deleted placeholder (also called index.htm) was in the same location as the desired new index page.  Anyway, could someone let me know what I should try?  I have no clue how to get the right index page to display when the URL is typed (without including /index.htm).

Please and thank you; no hurry.  :)

Technical Support / my URL links to php info + no ftp access
« on: October 14, 2009, 03:39:16 pm »
Hey there, this is kahvie's boyfriend of adelaide.xepher, wondering whether we really need a special ftp program to access the ftp site, versus just typing the ftp url into a windows explorer address bar and treating it like a folder.  I've never had to use a program before, just have always been able to treat a website like any other folder, so this is a bit confusing.  I get the following error when attempting ftp access through explorer:
Windows cannot access this folder.  Make sure you typed the file name correctly and that you have permission to access the folder.
The connection with the server was reset.

This happens before the login screen ought to appear.  

Will the ftp program you recommend in your FAQ solve this issue or is it something that might require your attention?  Just fyi, when navigating to the subdomain with http like a visitor would, a 10 page document of php and assorted server information is displayed instead.  This information could feasibly educate a potential attacker on many points of interest about your server including addresses and states of variables.  Edit: this has now been replaced with a temporary site index.

Thanks for your attention to this and for the wonderful opportunity you've given Kahvie to share her artwork with the masses!!!

Applications / Painted Adelaide
« on: September 22, 2009, 01:11:16 am »
Site name: Painted Adelaide

Desired username: adelaide

E-mail: paintedadelaide (at) gmail (dot) com

I've been lurking here for a while now and have finally worked up the nerve to submit my application.  Basically, I am looking to create a personal artwork portfolio that can have full control over in terms of design, layout, etc.  My current website ( is provided for free by, however, they use an online siter builder and what I can and cannot do HTML-wise with it is greatly limited (it's geared toward small companies and everyday people wanting a site to host family pictures and the like, and is therefore template-based.  It's table creator also has an annoying habit of glitching). 

That being said, I do realize that this site does not have an online site builder, and that's definitely no problem for me.  I have a fair amount of HTML knowledge myself, but my partner would be doing most of the coding, seeing as how he is much more skilled in that area than I am.  I'm afraid I don't have an example of an actual site that we've coded ourselves (again, due to Earthlink's restrictions), but I have an older web comic site with an F.A.Q. that we wrote up using a "web gem," an add-on that allows you to insert your own code onto a page.  It's the farthest from flashy you can get in terms of design, but it at least shows that we have the ability to create working content: clicky!.  I never did finish writing up answers to all of the questions, so please ignore the "fillers" that my guy added to some of them.

Umm, 'bout my work itself used to be mainly digital, but due to certain circumstances, I am going to be trying to move back into mainly traditional.  I do feral and anthro work for the most part, but will no doubt fit the random human or mythical creature into my artwork in the near future.  Admittedly, I've been out of the art loop for a year or two, but I feel like I've finally got a lot of the flame back and am excited to try and get a site for my work that I can fully customize and design.  To give an example, here's my most recent work (completed a few days ago):

I'm hoping I did this correctly, but in any case, please do drill me with questions if I've left anything out or been too vague!

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