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The Alternates is a fantasy web comic based on an ongoing campaign. There will be a fifty-one page prologue followed by three years or more in the current story arc. The three-year arc will contain many smaller arcs within to keep the story fresh. The prologue will be more serious that the main comic, which will be humorous, and contain the occasional fourth-wall violation.

The story line is about the loss of magical energy and the quest to restore it. The problem is established in the prologue with the story of a powerful wizard who tries to harness all the magic in the planes for himself and the attempt goes horribly wrong. When the main story opens there are only a few generations left to repair the damage before the planes are destroyed.

The writer is William Chapin and the artist is Jed Soriano, who has done work professionally on an independent comic called Mythoi. Jed has a body of work and a following on Deviant Art http//:www.seriojainc.deviantart.com comprised of both personal and commission work.

Here are a few pages [40-42] from the prologue:

Well, the comic samples look pretty damn good. If you're up to 42 actual pages already at that quality, that shows some commitment too. My one question is if either of you have any experience making/maintaining a website. You're welcome to use stuff like comicpress or other CMS systems to simplify it, but there's nothing built in or provided by xepher.net for that. If you're comfortable with web development stuff though, it should be a shoe-in.

Well, we don't have much but are somewhat technical. We are going to use Antenna Web Design http://download.cnet.com/antenna-web-design-studio/3000-10248_4-10225469.html for a couple of days and perhaps zip up a set of sample files from it to show we can put a site together.


Sounds good, just let me know when you've got something to show. No rush.

I sent you a private message, let me know if you received it.

Edit: I just saw your post not to send private messages ant tried to send a test email to admin@xapher.net. This came back as a delivery failure. I need to send you some sample files we have been developing and I cant attach them to these posts. Is there a way you can get a good email to me?


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