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Taking off on Sunday to spend a week camping in Colorado. I'll be offline for most of that, so any requests will have to wait until I get back. I cannot WAIT to escape this heat though. Going from 103F here to overnight lows around 38F. (That's basically 40C to 4C.) Awesome! Also going to try to climb Mt. Elbert which is the highest peak in Colorado, and the second highest in the continental US.

Take care!  (Which you'll probably only read now when you get back...)

Yeah, we've got things nailed down around here.  So unless your server blows up it's all good.  :)

I'm back... and nothing blew up this time!

Had a fun time, and enjoyed the cool air... I've been back in Houston 2 hours now, and already spent 2/3 of it sweating like a pig. I so hate this city.


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