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Username/sitename subrosa

email: hcjohansen@live.dk

hello there, i'm looking for at good free hosting site for my webcomic SubRosa (which is coded in asp.net) I'm planning on updating it semi-frequently because of work and stuff like that I'd like to update it more frequently but i can't say anything for sure. The site it self is all complete with a bankend and a frontend. Right now its hosted here http://web2.djes.dk/hajue/index.aspx  but I'd like for the URL to include the name of the comic.


The comic doesn't look have bad, however, xepher.net runs on a linux system, and ASP is a microsoft language. While there is an interpreter for linux called mod_mono, it is not installed on this server, as it's a pain to administer. If you're not dead-set on using asp, I'll certainly consider it, but if you are, I'm afraid I won't be able to host the site here.

thanks, but I'm afraid I only know asp.net. But thanks anyway. I'll keep my account though in the event that I learn PHP (at least i think its PHP right?)

Yeah, any regular html, php, perl, python, ruby, or just about any other cgi language that works under a linux environment.

I've actually had it converted to HTML with the help from a friend so... do you have space? :)


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