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Title: Roland - Transformed
Post by: Chow on June 20, 2007, 02:52:35 pm
Art submission number 2: Roland in her "second" state. I wasn't sure if I should start a second topic for this or update my old one, so if the latter is more appropriate please let me know.

So here she is, Crit welcomed but not required ;D
Title: Re: Roland - Transformed
Post by: Xepher on June 21, 2007, 04:58:58 am
Pretty cool looking. Linework is very clean and the shading's done pretty well too. A couple things stand out though. First, the fire on the tail looks out of place amongst all the well-defined lines. It's blurry and nebulous. Yes, I know real fire is, but if you're drawing the cel-style with clear lines on everything else, the fire should be the same way methinks. Secondly, the tail comes out of her bum way too thin, and at a right angle. Tail=spine... it has to continue the line of the backbone to start with, then it can curve out to another direction. Lastly, the eye is looking directly at me, even though her face is looking almost directly sideways. I should never be seeing a symmetric eye from this angle... with the possible exception eyes belonging to fish. Figments of the imagination have anatomy too! :-) More nitpicky issues, the halo and the fire are both very red, so the light they cast should lend a red glow to nearby stuff. The lighting on her lower leg looks more like a flashlight, and the top of the head isn't getting any light at all from the halo.
Title: Re: Roland - Transformed
Post by: dragyn on June 22, 2007, 12:54:35 am
Hmm...it doesn't actually load in the forum for me.  Actually had to go look it up on DeviantArt's site...

Anyway, I'm with Xepher on the tail--it comes out at too sharp an angle, and the fire could stand to "match up" with everything else a bit.  You may consider leaving the shading itself fuzzy, but outlining it in Red/Orange or whatever.

Looking at it, I'd think the Halo would have a bit more of an effect on her hair...

Not bad, though.  Not bad at all.
Title: Re: Roland - Transformed
Post by: Xepher on June 22, 2007, 03:17:18 am
Yeah, not loading for me now either. I'm guessing DA lets it work for a little while if it's been recently viewed by you (the artist) and later it stops functioning.
Title: Re: Roland - Transformed
Post by: Databits on June 22, 2007, 04:47:12 am
Loads for me perfectly fine...

The only things that I saw were the tail thing, some line art around the edges of the halo/fire may fit the image better, the eye isn't all that bad but perhaps should be positioned closer to the face front, and the back ear looks a tad off (bit too forward) as well for some odd reason. But all in all a pretty cool pic.