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Title: design problem solving...
Post by: gopus on January 16, 2009, 04:08:08 am
Okay, I realize it is a design no no to think about how you want to organize information AFTER you're done with the design. I have made a new site to incorporate various things I have done, and have placed the template at http://gopus.xepher.net/teaching2. What I am concerned about is what I should put in the tan-colored bar to the right. I have menu options in the dark brown bar above the content area, but I want to place information in the right bar as well. What information or content might be a logical choice, in your opinion, to put in the right bar?

I have considered shoutboxes and twitters, and everything (but it wouldn't be a logical choice to put them there). I really like the dynamic with the right bar and the menu bar, and so I don't want to change the overall site design, so I really want to make use of the right tan bar, I just can't think of what to do...

Any suggestions...creative or otherwise?
Title: Re: design problem solving...
Post by: Miluette on January 16, 2009, 05:17:11 am
What's so illogical about Twitters and stuff?