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Applications / Re: Boom Comix
July 12, 2010, 12:13:47 PM
sorry, been busy with school. guess i should have applied later. reapply in six months time? sheesh... that's a lot... I was actually planning to work on the next pages once I got your thumbs up. Now that I don't get to be here for another six months I kinda get depressed for doing that...
Applications / Boom Comix
July 04, 2010, 10:19:21 PM
I seem to be in trouble here, because I just realized that the site url has to be the same as the username. this means my username is wrong, because it has capital letters and '_' (underscore) in it... I'll just aply for the site here, and see what happens.

Current URL:

Fully HTML'd by me, and all images and the comic are my work as well. I expect to change the setting of the comics part soon, like adding a cast for each of the comics. Right now, there's only one comic, but more will be added soon.

The header currently displays my fursona, Boom, which will remain unchanged until further notice.

Desired URL:
Or similar


Global Idea:
Not a site dedicated to one single comic, but to more than one. The site (Boom Comics) will hold comics made by me (Bark_Bark_BOOM. that is my nickname all over the internet, and I'd rather not change it) The site right now is holding one single comic, which is still on the making, but I will add more (and finish the current one of course)
You may ask 'Why does this guy want Xepher, when he already has hosting?'
Three simple reasons:
1) Xepher has PHP hosting for free. that will allow me to develop my PHP skills
2) Xepher posts a list of all of it's sites, which might put me next to a cool comic, and maybe get some extra viewers for my comics.
3) Xepher hosts two of my favourite webcomics: Dan and Mab's Furry Adventures ( and Project Future ( :3

Site Content:
Right now, the site only displays 2/3 pages of my comic, 'The Prodigal Son', which is a furry/sci-fi/fantasy comic. That's what pretty much my comics will be about. They'll all be furry, without any humans to see, EVER, and they'll be all sci-fi/fantasy/adventure oriented.

The content could be rated as PG-14, but I'd say that's not quite right, because there's some shooting, bleeding, cutting, and all that violent stuff (but nothing too violent), which would put it near MA rating.

I will, without a question, add bits of comedy here and there to make the whole story more enjoyable.

The plan is to update every Saturday/Sunday (the latest in case I'm late for Saturdays) and if there's any progress quicker than expected, some updates on Wednesdays/Thursdays.

What the future holds:
-To finish the current comic
-To add new comics
-Art: gifts, requests, and art just for the sake of art
-If Zeus wants, a working forum. I've tried with forums, and had no luck T_T
-Random Header Pic on every load, such as Dan and Mab's Furry Adventures (

That's pretty much all I came up with. If there's any other thing you want to ask, just ask!