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General Chat / You Know You're A Nerd When...
March 15, 2007, 10:44:26 AM
I have to wait until April to see it go.

I'm hoping they don't kill off Atlantis as well.  Stargate and Battlestar are the only reason's I'm even bothering to turn on my TV anymore, and Battlestar seems to be going downhill a bit.

Oh, and you know you're a nerd when you bring Pie to school on Pi day.
General Chat / Dissapearing act
August 26, 2006, 11:05:32 PM
Hello everyone.  Apologies for dropping off the face of the earth here last year; my personal life kinda got hectic.
Knowhow Trading Post / This is... weird...
October 09, 2005, 08:51:21 AM
Eh.  I can still make fun of my friend's internet connection.  Had a conversation with him shortly after he'd switched from Dialup to DSL and I complaned that my internet connection was running slow because it was "only 3.2mpbs" (according to a bandwith tester.  Checked it because pages were slowing down and such).  He complained to me that his connection was only about 250kbps after that.
Knowhow Trading Post / This is... weird...
October 08, 2005, 11:21:18 PM
Okay, fine.  Superior to the average person's connection (how many people actually have Broadband?)
Knowhow Trading Post / Computer Challenge!
October 08, 2005, 08:03:03 PM
Wait - a Dell?  He's in trouble.  From my experience, Dell computers don't like reinstalling Windows for some reason (tried going through it with a friend of mine and it didn't work.  Even made sure the BIOS was set to boot from the CD-ROM drive).  If it's still under warrantee, I'd suggest trying to get it replaced.
Knowhow Trading Post / Portable HTML
October 08, 2005, 12:04:24 PM
So here's the story - I was working on a website (I wouldn't mind having it hosted here, but I'm not going to even ask until several months after it's finished).  The work was being done on my old computer (see the topic talking about the Grub boot error to see why I can't use that computer anymore).  Because my actual online time is restricted normally (my parents include offline activities too in the time limits, which would include building a web page), I'm having trouble making the web page.  Now, I know enough HTML to do the page on my Palm handheld, but only to a point; I'd like to create images, write the page, and preview the page all from my handheld (I've been known to do random typos at weird places in a page that completely mess the thing up).  Does anyone know of any PalmOS HTML editors that would let me do such a thing for free or really cheap (Money=none.  Spent it all on getting the handheld and a keyboard for it) and would work on a low-res screen (160 x 160) and in Palm OS 5?  Otherwise I have to go about this the hard and frustrating way (I'll have to either keep my site's structure in another document and switch back and forth, which is a pain, or try to remember the whole thing, which is an even bigger pain) and I won't have the same amount of nice graphics (I have a simple sketching app, but I'm not nearly enough of a "Pen and paper" artist that can make anything that looks good (gimmie Gimp or Blender, though...)) to spice up the site.
Knowhow Trading Post / Computer Challenge!
October 08, 2005, 11:51:12 AM
Sounds like he needs to reinstall it.  Windows messes itself up every now and then.  If he asks you why, tell him that Microsoft is evil and want a whole lot of money for almost no work (Come on - $200 for an operating system?  I can get one that works better for free!)

Did he do anything to the computer right before this happened (such as reorganized files in any directory - I've heard of idiots messing with system files and reorganizing them) or delete anything to gain space (friends dad deleted this large directory called "Windows" because he never went into it, so he assumed it wasn't neccisary).
Knowhow Trading Post / This is... weird...
October 08, 2005, 11:46:45 AM
It's fixed now.  But yes, Cogent was listed as the host that they were having problems with.

At least I don't have five million pop ups saying stuff along the lines of "XXX Fun!!!" when I visit the sites here.  It was getting a little bit annoying (in retrospect, maybe I shouldn't have used an anonymizer made by a guy who'd know Firefox inside and out and therefore be able to bypass the popup blocker)

And now I can go back to feeling superior to everyone because of my 4mbps connection.
Knowhow Trading Post / This is... weird...
October 07, 2005, 03:50:59 AM
Never mind, found what the problem was - after some looking through of my ISPs website, I found a network status page.  Apparently they're having connectivity issues with some sites, and "apologize for any inconvinience"(right).
Knowhow Trading Post / This is... weird...
October 06, 2005, 07:34:46 PM
I'm not very familiar with the use of HOSTS files... where would the file normally be located?
General Chat / The "Yet Another Funny Video" Thread
October 06, 2005, 12:47:20 PM
Quote from: XepherNah, no hatred of macs here... well, not since OSX anyway. I mean it's really just unix undeath a lot of shiny. I like unix and shiny, so that's all good. Back in OS9 and earlier though... *shudder* Ooh... the evil! Cooperative multitasking? I mean, WTF? If you click on a menu and hold a mouse button down, the clock stops ticking! Seriously, try it. Look at the blinking clock on the thing, then open a menu and hold the button down. OS9 and prior were just horridly written pieces of software that didn't deserve to be called "operating" systems. I'd call them glorified calculators, but that would disparage a lot of excellant devices designed by engineers at Texas Instruments.

For the record, most of the same complaints apply to MS Windows before Win2000, the first (and likely the last) time MS wrote an OS that didn't completely suck.
Have to agree with you on Mac - my friend gave me a Quadra 605 to replace my dead PC.  The thing would be easier to use if the motherboard was a waffle.   I have no idea where he got this "Mac is the best OS" stuff - he's never even used OSX.  I'm starting to not like Apple either.

I belive Linux to be the better operating system, since it can use all the apps I want (even games - I enjoy Text Based games, older DOS games (Descent, DOOM, Quake, etc), it's never really caused me any problems like Windows (my Mandrake 9 installation crashed once, and never came back - the BIOS on my computer died, apparently, which would explain the crash), my Ubuntu system gave me errors that are similar to my Mandrake Install (I think my motherboard doesn't like Linux, since the errors are almost identical to the installation of Mandrake that I thought had been killed by the dead BIOS).  Windows has given me too many problems, with it's DOS emulation that is about as good as getting poked with red hot knives (seriously - Microsoft made DOS, so they should be able to emulate it better than third-party emulators), the BSOD that's not supposed to be possible in WinXP, their attempt at shoving Palm out of the market (WinXP doesn't let PalmOS handhelds sync with it - Palm had to create special drivers to allow their handhelds to synchronize with the OS), their attempt at getting WinXP not to network with older OSs (there's a DLL file whose sole purpose is to say which OSs Windows should not network with - my dad deleted it to allow us to network with a Win95 computer.)  I hate it; it's caused me too many problems (Windows is the leading cause of my computers dying - usually by some sort of abuse (such as hard drives being crammed through motherboards, etc)).  [/rant]

Anyways... I need to check the Debian website to see about Linuxing my Mac...
Knowhow Trading Post / This is... weird...
October 06, 2005, 12:35:21 PM
I'm able to access it fine at school; however, the school uses a different ISP than I have at home (Irony is that the school's internet connection for all of the thousands of computers is slower than my connection at home)

I'll pop in a Ubuntu LiveCD when I get home and see if I can get to the site with that.
Knowhow Trading Post / This is... weird...
October 06, 2005, 04:53:44 AM
I have an interesting computer problem for you guys.  When I attempt to connect to without an anonymizer (I'm using a nice little site called FireProx right now to get here), I get a timeout error in both Internet Explorer and Firefox, as well as a web app for my PDA (it connects directly to the web without the use of a browser and it tells me that the pages I have from were not downloaded because the connection timed out).  I've restarted the computer multiple times, and cleared my cache in Firefox, but with no success.

Deviant Art's also been weird on this connection; it loads competely plain text (no images, etc).  Haven't tried it through the anonymizer yet (there's too many popups when loading pages)

The computer I'm using runs Windows XP Sp2, IE 6 (I think) and Firefox 1.0.7.
Actually... you don't need to download the isos (unless your in a hurry for the upgrade).  Ubuntu will ship CDs for free (which is why I used it - I'm too poor to aford CD-Rs to burn a distro's installer onto).

I'm hoping I get a new PSU soon... a friend's helping me out by letting me borrow his old Qudra (or however you spell it) until I get a PSU.
Even worse is a webcomic that has NO back/next buttons at all, requiring you to go to the archives.  If the comic has an archives page.  Without the ability to read the comics from the start, it's like starting a book in the middle, and that, of course, isn't fun.