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Applications / LQ-Chan
« on: May 08, 2007, 12:37:00 am »
i think it would beneficial more from it than my DA....i thought it would be nice to have a personal website tp make a profolo for my self besides DA.

Also i think i'll benfit also by learning how to make websites would also be good...

Applications / LQ-Chan
« on: February 26, 2007, 08:58:14 pm »
Username: LQAnime or LQ-Chan

Email: or it matters what works better. But those are 2 of my emails but the new one is the last one. Try both.

Description: I wanted to make a website for my art(still learning Frontpage but will have something whipped up to use I’m sure), Right now I only have DA account: where I post most of my stuff. But I wanted to start my own little site thingie. And being I’m Poor (no money) and can’t pay for hosting, Someone said on the Smackjeeves fourm(I’m lombaxqueen there…I hate that name now..) If you want free hosting. Give a chance.

And incase you want to know LQ doesn’t stand for LombaxQueen,.it used to, But now because I’m not a huge Ratchet and Clank fan anymore and being I hate the name LombaxQueen now, I now call myself LQ or LQ-chan…more likely LQ. LQ doesn’t stand for anything now…Just a random Name I give myself on the net.

What will I be posting? Artwork I made!! It’ll be an art site for me. Also I may post my Manga/Comics up there as well Right now I have some Comics up on, but, right now I’m not really happy with my Mangas. But I will post them when I do feel like there good enough.

Well there’s my little interview, I still need to work at Frontpage a bit for making my site, but  I do hope I get a chances to have a site.

If you want to see art from me, just go to my DA(above)

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