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General Chat / Re: Things you should see...
May 23, 2011, 03:28:23 PM
Quote from: Xepher on May 23, 2011, 08:30:57 AM
I've now spent the past two hours watching My Little Pony videos.

I've been there:

In fact, the series sucked me in so completely, I ended up writing a 2,000 word article about it for the Strange Horizons webzine:

and having subscribed to the entire first season through iTunes, I have now watched it stem to stern twice.  Second season debuts in five months!

Mike Again
General Chat / Re: Things you should see...
May 23, 2011, 02:11:20 AM
I don't know:

If this has been linked to at a million other sites, but since it combines Spike Jones and the current My Little Pony TV series, I find that I'm all for it.

Technical Support / Re: User Services Link
July 31, 2010, 06:09:44 PM

     I should probably just stick with Netscape Navigator--every time I use Firefox, it's warning me about this, that, or the other...  :)

Technical Support / User Services Link
July 26, 2010, 10:10:39 PM

     I'd had a thought over the weekend down at Comic Con and wanted to check the little banners I uploaded through the User Services link last year.  But when I click on "User Services" there on the main page, Firefox tells me "This Connection is Untrusted" and that it can't confirm that my connection is secure.  Could you please take a look when you get a chance?

                         Mike from
General Chat / Re: Does all work suck?
June 05, 2010, 08:25:50 PM
I kind of fell into:

Working at the city library 20 years ago, and I still enjoy nearly everything about it.  It's just 29 1/2 hours a week, so I've got time to do my stories and comics; it's mostly out at the front desk, so it forces me to actually talk to people, something I doubt I'd do otherwise; the other bits of the job are detail-oriented, so my anal-retentive little mind stays happily occupied; and the two branches where I work are close enough to my house so I can walk or ride my bike most days.  All in all, I feel pretty lucky.


I was able to log in and put up Tuesday and Wednesday's pages this morning!  Oddly enough, Statcounter reported that I had the most hits I've ever had at Daily Grind on Tuesday, the first weekday in nearly 4 years that I didn't update the site.  I should skip days more often, I guess...  :)

Thanks for digging this out, Xepher!

I also:

Haven't been able to log in to update my pages since Monday night.  This morning, at least, it lets me enter my user name and password before PSFTP closes itself down...

Announcements / Re: I Am An Idiot
September 30, 2008, 07:02:43 AM
I was:

Getting a little worried...  :)

I can get here just fine but I still can't get into the website.  Guess I'll wait till morning to update the comics, but I'm glad it's nothing horrendous that's happened!

General Chat / Re: Favorite Webcomic?
June 19, 2008, 03:53:34 PM
If you're going over to Girlamatic:

Then please also check out Jeepers by Andre Richard, Gypsy by John Peters, and The Return of Dr. Dragonwagon by Marilyn Scott-Waters.  I'd maybe even put Jeepers as my answer to question #1 here.

For #2, I'd point to The World of Mr. Toast by Dan Goodsell at

And for #3, some old comics that were on the web pre-2000 but then disappeared and have recently reappeared: the works of Chuck Melville.  They're now at

I've been enjoying Skin Horse and Gunnerkrigg Court as well and was reading Five Star back in its pre-Girlamatic days--'cause I'm an old fogey, I reckon...


Quote from: Xepher on May 16, 2008, 02:23:33 PM
Most of the sites here are done for reasons of personal satisfaction, and don't seem too concerned with promotion or anything really beyond just telling a story they enjoy.

That pretty much:

Sums me up, yeah.  I've got less idea how to promote things than your average frog, but I'm updating my comics quite regularly--I've gotta, or I'll lose the Daily Grind Contest...  :)

I have very little idea how a podcast works, either--I'm "old media," I'm afraid, actually broadcasting two hours every Sunday afternoon from the radio station at the local university.  But let me know what precisely's involved, and I'll be happy to stammer incoherently at you.

General Chat / WebCartoonists' Choice Awards
January 14, 2008, 05:38:30 PM

I've been waiting for the guys in charge of such things to issue the Official Press Release about this year's awards, but since they haven't yet, I guess I'll be all unofficial and just post an announcement about it.   :)

So we're now accepting nominations for the 8th annual WebCartoonists' Choice Awards.  If you're involved in making a webcomic--writer, artist, letterer, webmaster (this means you, too, Xepher!)--you can register to vote by sending me an e-mail at my Terebinth address,, with your name and the URL of the webcomic you're working on.  I'll then send you a ballot upon which you can nominate up to three webcomics--including your own--per category, and you'll have till January 23rd to get the ballot back to us.

The WCCAs are all about other webcartoonists telling us what webcomics they like--I can't nominate and my comics aren't eligible since I'm one of the guys counting the ballots--so the more folks we get involved, the better the results will be.  Drop me a line, then, if you're interested, and thanks!

Mike Payne, the Registrar
Announcements / Re: Welcome to Arclight!
November 20, 2007, 08:06:31 AM
It was odd:

I could log in using my PSFTP program, and everything was right there, but when I used any sort of browser, it couldn't connect.  But then some of the individual image files that I have linked over on my Livejournal pages showed up while others didn't...

I'm glad everything's back, at any rate.  I mean, it's been traumatic enough this evening, trying to make pumpkin pies with canned pumpkin instead of fresh!