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I just wanted to say that I'm enjoying these. Good work.
I am big on this idea, but as I mentioned during our other attempt I'm not much in the way of drawing. I have since then bought a drawing tablet and I am trying to bulk out the comics section on my Book of PDR*, but I still lack the kind of talent that I would like to see in this book. Maybe I could do a single page story (and maybe a prose one with an illustration as well), but otherwise would it be okay if I wrote some scripts and then put them up here so that anyone willing to draw them could do so? I have one pretty much written and I could probably get some more done if I ever took the time to sit down and do it.

The idea of including mazes and activities and stuff is awesome, by the way.

*By the way, once I get it all settled out I'll be changing the location of my Jenny Everywhere strip already on the site, so I'll try to remember to let Fes know so that he can change the link on the Shifter Archive.
Well, I'm all for working on something for this, but I'm no skilled artist. I can draw passably, but I've no experience with coloring or inking. Plus, I don't even own a scanner these days and as seen by my only Jenny contribution to date my drawing-in-Photoshop skills leave something to be desired. I could certainly work on a script or something and put it up to see if anyone would like to work on it, but that's about the best idea I can come up with.

Seeing others who would like to work in the prose medium, I'm wondering if we can't get something done in a collection of prose short stories as well as the comic ones. Then again that may be biting off more than we can chew at this date. But in any case I'm on board for support if nothing else.
Well after taking a look at that site, I think it would be really cool to have them play around with Jenny. It looks like it would be well worth it.

As for other ideas for the birthday, I wish I could think of something but I can't. I suppose I'll try to make sure I get a story done before then, but apart from that I don't know what to suggest.