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Applications / Daily Life in Fur
May 26, 2010, 09:02:22 PM

axlegreymoon @

If I get this site it will be a comic site used for my own comics that get updated every monday and friday. I have two comics in the making but my scanner recently broke soo my comic one of them is temporarly delayed. if you want to check out the comic i have been doing go to it took some time to do each of those mostly about an hour for each trying to make everything perfect but my mom and brother tell me to get off the computer to do other things (I'm 17 ) soo mostly I'd have alot of comics by next year I create them to have fun. Anyway I'm getting off topic now (I'm sorry) With the webpage I would pretty much have other comics with it like Furensics and The HERO. These comics Are gonna be based off of actual life with a fantasy twist on them. I'm just starting out with my comics I had more comics but each died very rapidly cause they never got out on a site that people would like. I've never been anywhere close to good at anything else but my art and stories. (oh by the way my script for The HERO is My comics usually have a random side to them you never know what is gonna come up (note swearing and stuff not usually brought up though it might have the occasional dam and bastard [sorry if these are not allowed please warn me if they arent])
Xepher i wish to have "The Challenge"

Wishes you a good Day,
Axle Greymoon