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Applications / Journey's End
« on: August 20, 2010, 09:33:43 pm »
Hi, I've finally managed to gather my courage enough to apply for a site here on I've been waffling back and forth on the idea for a long time, but I've finally scraped the nerve together, so, here I go.

My desired username would be Larathin, and I can be reached at But now, on to the meat of my application.

While I’d like to explain every inch of my idea, that would take up way to much space. So instead here’s a basic premise, along with some brief background and an introduction to one of the main characters.

Journey’s End takes place on the continent of Elore, upon which exist three powers. The first, is the Gabian Empire; A human empire that once covered nearly all of Elore. Now it covers barely a third of the continent. Ruled by the nigh immortal Raylen Osir, the only being ever to have achieved immortality through magic, the empire is striving to regain its lost glory, and restore itself to the continent spanning power it once was. No matter what it takes, something that greatly concerns the leaders of Kelra, a small human power that recently broke free of Gabian and declared its independence. The people of Kelra are tough, not to mention skilled, warriors and the whole nation is on edge as they wait for Gabian’s inevitable reclamation attempts. So they have turned to the last power of Elore for help: the Clans. The Clans are, arguably, the most dangerous power on Elore. A group of semi-independent territories ruled by the Great House of each species, there are eight Clans in all, ranging from the anthropomorphic Nekora, to the arrogant and demonic Damos, to the few, and noble Draco.

Journey's End is to be a story that revolves around the owners and patrons of the titular inn (The Journey’s End) which is located on the Nekora and Kelra border, not far from Gabian. The main cast will be around five strong, along with several secondary characters and a whole slew of villains.

One of the main characters of the story will be Theran Syor, a powerful Nekora mage and adventurer. What’s that you say? A mage? And an adventurer? Ah, I see you’re confused, well let me explain.

Inside of Clan Lands if someone breaks the law they are subject to that Clans legal system. However, if they are found guilty, they are sentenced by a representative of their own Clan. Since not all Clans view each other as equal, this has led to some, shall we say, questionable sentences. Since those guilty of things like murder, are often let off with no more then a fine, the citizenship has found its own brand of justice: adventurers. Often hired for revenge, adventurers basically do it all. They retrieve stolen/lost property, get revenge, act as guards or put down any monsters that are harassing a small town. While not entirely legal, the Clans put up with Adventurers only for the fact that it would cause more trouble to stop them then they actually cause. As for being a mage, magic is extremely common on Elore, with nearly twenty-five percent of the population being able to use it. But I digress.

Despite being a mage himself, Theran doesn’t trust magic or magic users. Especially himself. Theran walks with a distinctive limp, and always wears long sleeved shirts and a black leather glove on his left hand. A semi-competent swordsman, he will always use either diplomacy or steel to get out of a situation. When that doesn’t work he falls back on the tried and true method of adventurers everywhere: running like hell. Or limping in his case. Magic is a last resort, do-or-die for him.
There’s more, but that’s all I’m gonna give you. If I do get the green light, I don’t want to have already given away everything about him.

That, is the basic, abridged version of my idea: content wise, I plan to have everything split up into stories that are then split into Pages that will be a page and a half, maybe two, in length. My plan is to upload a page every Monday/Wednesday/Friday until I’m used to it, and then maybe start uploading every Sunday as well, if I can handle it. Along with Pages, I also plan to answer questions from readers, and provide commentary on the stories and plot arcs as they end.

While I’m no genius with computers, or anything else for that matter, I have taken a few HTML classes in school and with the resources on teh interwebs I don’t imagine having much problem getting the website online. (Though now that I’ve typed that I’m pretty sure the entire process will be hell.)  I do hope to have a forum, a cast page, archives, and a little place where I can put in detailed explanations of things that, while important to the story, I don’t have a good place to cover in-depth.

Now, the biggest problem is that I have no web page to call my own, no portfolio to show you what I can do. That is why I’m applying, I want to be able to get my work out there, for people to enjoy or not. It’s their choice. So, with lack of a background and reference material I have only once choice:
Wait, er… that’s not right. One second. * Checks information post * Ah, I see now. I’m going to go with the Challenge. I look forward to your reply, and I hope to be able to answer your questions as entertainingly and as truthfully as I can.

Thank you so very much for your time and sorry the post is so long.

P.S: I know this a bad time to be posting an application as your announcement says you’ll be leaving tomorrow for a road trip, but I had to get my application up before I got nervous enough to back out. Hopefully I’ll be able to answer questions from other members of the forums while you’re gone, and be in decent shape for the Challenge when you get back

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