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Applications / Raspberry Bushes
November 15, 2005, 02:14:41 AM

username: raspberryninja
wanted url:

I hope to make Raspberry Bushes my main site that will include my art, manga, fanart, fanfiction and stories. Since I just recieved my Wacom Tablet, I can hopefully update more and create more colored works. This will be for both Half Soul (original manga), and my other nameless works that will be created here. I'm trying out different styles of anime and enhance my writing skills (I can write, but only if it responds to my mood), so this will be a good place for me to show them for critiques and comments. Or even suggestions.

Here are some art samples:

I've been drawing anime for over 6 years and though I'm not part asian, and I have never followed classes, I'm glad I've come this far in art. Supposedly it runs in the family (mum, big sis, dad).
I'm also tired of having to bring my artbook to school everyday because my friends want to see them all the time. The purpose of this site would be to take them off my shoulders so I can breath. xD

I'd really like to make this site, Raspberry Bushes (I like raspberries... can you tell?) so I can show my art to others online. Not that I'm a show-off. I just like getting comments (people treat me like crap at school... drawing gives them a different idea of who I really am and what I do in life besides crying over movies. xD)

Teh Raspberry Ninja luves you.