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Technical Support / crontab -e?
April 14, 2009, 08:26:14 AM
Is it possible to allow us to run cron jobs? :)

Any ideas, gurus?

( er, the picture doesn't seem to work, try this link )
General Chat / Just some music spammy
November 30, 2007, 11:08:31 AM
Check out this tune I made... latest and I'm pretty proud of it.

Hope you enjoy ^^

New one, hot off the recording "studio" :P
General Chat / Change the World.
April 28, 2007, 06:49:01 PM
For any Americans out there who missed the democratic presidential candidates' debate, I strongly urge you to check out this video:

This guy talks about everything we need. Treating other countries as equals, staying the hell out of conflicts we don't belong... Truly an epic champion of the issues we face today. And no one ever heard of him until 2 days ago, funny eh?

He even has coherent plans for universal healthcare, and also a Federal ballot system (That means we could get signatures and put a law on *Federal* ballot, that's only possible with state nowadays)


The three debate partners, closely following Federal Election Commission guidelines, established objective criteria to determine who we invite to the debates. Because there are literally dozens and dozens of declared presidential candidates, most of whom we have never heard of, we have to have a method of determining who is invited. Our criteria simply identifies candidates that have measurable public support for their campaign. Because Mike Gravel has not demonstrated measurable public support for his campaign to date, he has not received an invitation. But we have not excluded him (or anyone) from the debate. If he meets our criteria between now and the debate, he will certainly get an invitation.
That's right, the same media who has denied him any name-recognition or airtime now says they won't allow him to debate again unless he has "measurable public support". As if they could silence him so easily.

Of the people, by the people, for the people! Spread the word...

P.S. this guy can't survive using "conventional" means, the other candidates are all underwritten by lobbyists and whatnot -.- The Internet is key.
General Chat / Aero vs Beryl
April 06, 2007, 02:03:51 AM
Pretty cool video for the cuttingedgetechnologically challenged like me :P

imo, they spent too much more time looking at beryl, it's clearly NOT an unbiased comparison. Oh well, I'm into open source so why would I really care >.> hehe...
Knowhow Trading Post / PHP newb...
June 24, 2006, 12:11:27 AM
Hey, I'm a real newb with php, and I don't know many functions yet... What I'd like to ask is...

Is there a function I can call to fill an array with the names of the files in a given directory?

I know I can do things like (index.php?filename="blah.txt"), and if I had an array, I could probably foreach it to match if the file exists...

How would I start a download if there was a match in that case..? Is this a bad (not secure) way to go about things?

Thanks for anyone who tries to help...

p.s. i have lots of experience with procedural programming, so i'm not a total dummy... eheh
Technical Support / E-mail broken?
June 23, 2006, 11:13:07 PM
Are you perhaps making internal changes to the e-mail accounts? When I try to login to mine I get this error:

Bad request: Missing or invalid argument to LOGIN

Read data:
only me? :/
Lynn's Legacy is an independent 2d action RPG, inspired by the likes of Secret of Mana,
the Soul Blazer series, and the first three Zelda games.

The story follows the character of Lynn, a ball 'n chain wielding mercenary who
wakes up in a small forest clearing after being blown out of the sky on a
mysterious escort mission. She has almost no recollection of the events leading
up to this point, and things only get stranger-- Portals leading to entirely new
dimensions, strange encounters with sentient seeds, and an odd spectre of a man who
calls himself Moth...

This is a project we've been working on for several years (since about mid-2003),
though 'serious' development on what became the current version hasn't been going on
quite as long. (Started Feb. 18th, 2005.)

After an extremely stressful few months, seemingly endless testing, and hearing
that damned dungeon song for the millionth time, it's all finished.
Eight dungeons, four overworld areas, five chapters...

This was a very difficult project to complete.
We hope you enjoy the final product.

~Download links~


     Full version:

     No sounds or music:


     Full version:

     No sounds or music:

Source Code:


Josiah Tobin and cha0s, Lynn's Legacy team
General Chat / hello, the musical wanderer is back.
January 22, 2006, 03:45:38 PM
hi, i have a site here as 'subliminal-prodigy'. unfortunately, i suck at web design and stuff so i rely on the quality of my content. most of it isnt even viewable by the public (but anyone with a xepher acct can see em. anyways, i just had some things in my life change, and i realized i didnt really take care of this like i used to, so i guess ill redesign it and add a lot of new songs.

heres 3 i did in the last 2 days:
(if you like chrono trigger, you might think this one rules)
(if anyone can play oggs, this ones sweet)

also, is it possible to change your xepher acct name? >.> let me know about it please xeph, thanks =)