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Applications / Comic Insurrection
« on: February 07, 2013, 08:19:53 pm »
I'd like the username 'comicinsurrection' for my website and my email is
I would like to use my site for a couple of comic projects I'm doing.  My main project is the comic story 'Shipwalk,' an adventure of friends who happen to live aboard humanities first biosphere spaceship several centuries after launch.  I will update this story arc once a week initially with the goal of moving to M-W-F updates once I get a large enough buffer of comics.  I also sketch/ink comics daily, some which I would like to showcase on my site as well.  Eventually, I would be housing other comics on my site, but those projects are too nascent to be relevant to my application.  I quite hate mucking about digitizing my 'old tech' drawings, so I've become quite adept at procrastinating by whatever means available.  I believe having a website needing updating constantly will motivate me to put in the time I need to become adept and regular with my digitization habits.  Not to mention; if I get a site here it will be a matter of my honor to update regularly, as my alliance with is based upon my agreement to do so. 
I participated in Hourly Comic Day 2013, mine is posted in the forum here:
Enjoy the comic I did yesterday.  It's the only one I can make small enough to attach to this post.  I also have the first Shipwalk, another daily comic and a couple of coloring sheets that are decently small that I'll try to finagle ways to post those here in the upcoming future.  A tiny portfolio, but it's what I have. 
I am asking for a challenge please!

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