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Applications / Fighting Dreamers, Online manga
May 15, 2006, 06:56:35 PM

An online manga or Japanese comic

Current Online Manga, Tiger Punch -->
Art Site -->

Hello. My nickname is Naruru and I'm an amateur anime and manga artist. I would greatly get a website especially for my upcoming online manga, Fighting Dreamers. It is about three college students (Daisuke, Kazu, and Keiichi) who they attend at a prestigious college in all of Japan. They are amateur rollerbladers, their dream is to become professional rollerbladers in all of Japan. However, they have a talent; making doujinshis. They've been drawing and reading mangas since they were in high school. But when it comes to college students, they see them as low class citizens. "Mangas are for babies," "You don't belong in this university, dumb *****" The three artists have been receiving lots of bad criticism, but that won't get them down the drain and end their future career.

The site will have a gallery for the online manga, a fanart from fans, a profile of me, guestbook, links to other manga sites, and an archive.

I hope this is good enough information for you, Xepher :3