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Applications / The Willow Glade
« on: May 30, 2006, 01:06:39 am »
Well, here's my application for a site that I'm hoping to start over the summer and continue for a good long time.

Username: Willow_Glade

Preferred URL:

E-Mail: Willow(_)Glade(@)hotmail(.)com  ((Take out the "()"))

What my site will include/is about: The Willow Glade is really what I'm hoping to be a creative outlet for me.  My works vary widely, from art to literature, I'm also interested in photography, although I haven't really done much of that yet.  In other words, I'm hoping for it to be something of a portfolio site.  Although most of my literature and artworks are originals, I also do a few fan-fictions/fan-arts, but I will try/am going to post as much original content as possible.  I'm also working on a comic, "The Jinxed Tales".  I don't have a site up now, although I have studied some HTML.  The following are the links for some of my original pictures that are on Photobucket.

How I heard about Xepher: You can actually thank Amber Panyko of DMFA for this.  Although she didn't speak to me directly, I first learned about Xepher from her site

Challenge: I am willing to do a challenge...if the application above is not enough.

Suggestions: I am open to suggestions to improve my website idea.  I am extremely interested in Xepher and would be honored if I were allowed to join.

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