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Applications / curry's illegal candy shop
« on: June 28, 2006, 01:10:51 am »
{edit} i added a picture and fixed some links

Hello! My name is Christina, and we all know why I'm here soooooo~!

username: illegalcandyshop


A "candy" themed website, with a center frame of about 6"x6"
containing a gallery of my illustrations (which open in a new window) a FAQ page, a "Stories" page (which will contain my short illustrated stories) and possibly a "links" page. It will probably have little candy buttons and etc.

   about me:
I'm 17
I'm a certified graphic designer and graduated from a two year advertising design class.
I am able to use the programs: adobe photoshop, illustrator, and imageready.
I have won numerous art contests and have 6 art scholarships, including one to the Art Institute of Dallas for $14,000

   My Idols and influences:
Hayao Miyazaki, George Lucas (how much more innovative can you get than starwars?) Walt Disney, Eichiro Oda (for his unique character designs) and many many more.

   Why art?:
Well, we've all heard the "I've been into art since I was little and it's my dream! etc, etc." and while that is very true for me, I'd like to tell you what makes me a little bit different. Because I have grown up with a little less money than most people, had acquaintances whom were abundant with money, gone on a missions trip to Mexico, and had a huge passion for people and cultures around the world, I have a very good understanding of people and their personalities. I love letting that out into paper. I don't want to write a story that is one sided, instead, i show the perspectives of all of the characters that i draw and write about. if a character is evil, there is a reason he came about to be that way. a good example of what I'm trying to say would be Steven Speilburg. He has the ability to show unique perspectives in movies that are completely different than any other movies in the market, such as "The Terminal" or "Cast Away". I want very much so to be like that.

   examples of my illustrations:
while most of the illustrations that i have to my name are anime themed, i am currently working on developing my own style.

An anime character with ears (wow original ^.^;)

A fanart of sora (KH) showing a unique style:

A sketch of a girl who fights using bubbles:

A boy and his pet dragon.

Little tree/shrub guys.

An old page of a manga:

For the rest of my illustrations you can visit my deviantart account here:

   Original Ideas?:
Well, at the moment i don't have any finished illustrated short stories or comics, but i DO have plenty of ideas.
Here is one that's been floating around:
People in an alternate world are being attacked through their dreams by creatures/monsters called "nightmares" The main character, a Young man, enters people's dreams fights them using, yes, his hair. He plucks a strand (which will grow back of course! we can't have a bald main character!) and holds it out in front of him. It then turns into a sword like weapon or something like that. (haven't designed it yet.) I like this idea because it has SO much room for diversity. The environment and atmosphere could constantly change because there are no limits on dreams. there would be no set rules, except for the ones that the dreamer sets. gravity? no gravity! death? no death! it's all up to the dreamer and the main character has no control. even his own abilities could change, and of course, the "nightmares" could change, depending on what the dreamer is afraid of.
That's just one idea, i have many more.

  Website creating abilities?:
Unfortunately, i am a newbie with html and building sites. I have self-taught myself some html. I still need practice though, and would need more studying to learn how to post a page, but i am willing to do that.
I basically know how to make buttons, frames, etc. a basic layout.

{EDIT} I have been working on a new example page today just a little bit, i'm still editing and revising it but here it is
i'm still changing ALOT with it and have alot of work to do on it before it's finished.

I am willing to take "The Challenge" >w< lol.

 In closing I will tell you the one thing that might be a little hold back for me updating my page everyday. I am about to start college at the Art Institute of Dallas, in about a week actually. so I'll have classes and etc. but i'm such an internet junkie, I don't think that that will hold me back >w
Thank you for reading <3
aka, "Curry"

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