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General Chat / Halloween
October 06, 2007, 04:53:34 AM
October is my favorit month, and i like halloween a lot, so i wanna do something special for this year here in the forum. so this is it :

i will make a simple ( no background or big details) colored drawing in my style of your character ( or character of choise) asking for candies of everyone who posts " trick or treath" here and a picture of your character ( or your own, and i will make a cartoon of you) or the link to a pic of your character.
Please post before Oct.20, since i need time to draw and paint, so i will only do those i resive before Oct.20
Also, if you want your character to be in some specific costume please say so and give references, if you dont specify i will dress your character in whatever costume i want to draw at the moment.

i will post all the drawings on halloween nigth, as a present.
General Chat / school, homework and shiny blue cars
August 31, 2007, 03:07:49 PM

yesterday was like...the worst day i can remember. i oversleep and was late for school, since my car was at the agency getting its oil changed i had to ask my mom for a ride, and she wasnt happy about me oversleeping. then, when i went to pick up my car, i found out that they have hit it, noting big, just a horrible detail at the door that made part of the paint fall, this made me realy angry, im more than carefull whit my car, i park it on the fartest corner of the parking lot where oneelses wants to park in order to aboid my car getting hited by other car's door and irresposable/insensible owners, and then: it happens! they hit him at the agency!
i used to think they were like my car's guardian angels!
then i went to clases, since i have another class from 8 to 10 pm , and i was so tired and angry because of my car i didnt pay a lot of atention, now i have to do homework and im not sure i know how to.
i need to go to class now, or i will be late again, and latter a friend and i will go to the agency again to figth them until they acept responsability of my car or we are to tired we dont care anymore, and at nigth i need to do a homework and film a spot. so, today doesnt sound like the best day either, but i guess i need to stop thinking it wont be a good day or i will make it a bad day.

soo, thanks for listening, i needed to get it all out!  :'(
General Chat / back to school
August 14, 2007, 01:04:50 AM
classes just started for me today. i dont like my shedule, but i guess i just have to get used to it  :-[ . i was glad to see my classmates once more  ;D , and im happy to be back, im looking forward to the classes im taking this semester . also, i must start social service ( working for free/or almost free  something about 480hr, you get to do that in order to be able to graduate ) this semester.

is anyone else back to school ?   
i got a Renault MeganeII hatchback 5doors automatic (metil blue!) its got like... 7-8 months whit me? its my first car. (ok, it is a griffin but is disguised as a car sooo non-belivers wont be scared,hehe ) . the a/c is not working ( and weather here is too hot), it got like 3 days like that. im getting someone to fix it but i want to know why this happened (so i can prevent it).
any one knows why this happened? or how can i prevent it? or if it is a common problem or something?
Art / Art challenge
June 30, 2007, 08:58:39 PM
Hello everyone!
I would like to propouse an art challenge in the forums.
Lemme explain, its like a game:
So someone chooses a topic ( it can either be the first one to post or we can choose someone to do so, it can be the same person or we can change it , whatever you prefer.) and everyone who is interested in participating draws something about that topic in 15 minutes or less ( this is honor based ) then post it here.
At the end we would have a collection of drawings of the same topic by different artists we can look at them and see how other people see that single topic.
Topic changes once a week.

Time you spend scanning or so does not count, just the time you are actually working on the image. Tecnic is free, it can be color or b/w or how ever you want.
The point of this is to practice quick drawing or painting. anyone interested?   :)
Art / fanart time!
June 27, 2007, 02:12:50 PM
hello everyone  :) , so, i was feeling like drawing some fanart,so im working on this picture of this movie i like. anyway, i want this to be my own vision but also want it to be evident who the character is. sooo...  who you think she is?  ???

also, im having some touble whit the hair, i dunnno  :-[ , i just dont like it....any advice?

Technical Support / newsbox problem
February 23, 2007, 08:09:40 AM
ok, i know there is already something posted about it, but i read it and didnt understand.

i cant get the newsbox to work. i havent uploaded my site, im cheking it all works on my computer before uploading it and it doesnt? or does it haves to be up to work? (im talking about the news box)
im writing html code on notepad, how do i change it to php? just by saving it as .php? or do i have to do something else?

im sorry, im an ignorant. can someone help me please?
General Chat / New Windows Vista
February 13, 2007, 02:52:43 AM
hello, i post this whit 2 reasons. the first one cuz im fairly new and what to say hi.
so Hi everyone!

also, to try to start a conversation about new windows vista. i realy dont like it and prefer XP .Vista does looks cooler, but i have readed it is not so funtional. its principal problems are of compativilyti.
so what do you think?
username: phantasus

e-mail: roseinwonderland @ gmail . com

hi and thanks for reading my application.

i hope to make phantasus my personal art site, and i hope to use it to showcase my artwork. it wont be a blog but i may write in it whats on my head every once in a while. i dont plan it to be a comic site but i may , in the future, post a comic or 2( nothing too long, between 3 and 50 pages more less, but i wont post anything thats not finished already ). by the moment i just plan to use it for my artwork, sketches, photography, and stuff.  
here is some examples:
 (they are all in a smaller size, if you want to see the actual size of any of them just ask me and ill post it.)




i have some basic html knowlage and a way to somewhat make a webpage whitout help , so i made this little sample page you WONT find any art work here, for it is just to show you i can do a web page.

am i forgetting something? i hope not.  so, any question, comment, critic, is welcome. =) also, please forgive all my grammar and spelling mistakes, this is not my first lenguage.