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Applications / UPFurry
« on: March 21, 2007, 07:07:50 pm »
Hi!  ^.^

I run a furry community for furs in my local area (The Upper Peninsula of Michigan)

Recently, we had a bit of a management shift, (I'll spare you the drama...  o.o) and I figured it is just good timing to switch from Yahoo! Groups, to a server that is furry oriented and it's a technology upgrade...  Mailing lists are so 90s!  ^.^

The username I'm looking for is "upfurry" minus the quotations of course...

My email is electricnrgATgmailDOTcom

My site is going to basicly be a forum so that we can plan events and communicate with each other and our allies, with maybe some image sharing, I'm a bit of an artist as are others in my group...  ^.^  I promise to keep things PG13 though!  =oD

And from one otter to another, cute avatar!  ^.^


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