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Applications / Retrulazone Retrogaming Board
« on: December 11, 2005, 01:44:46 pm »
Hi Folks,

A few of you will still remember my last application. there were some problems because of the illegality of my page. now we just want to take the discussion board back online. the boards main topic is retro gaming. you can discuss about it and search help.
Here are two screenshots of it:

The first handmade forum style:

The second handmade forum style (still a few errors):

kind regards,


Applications / Emulazone Retro-Gaming Application
« on: October 07, 2005, 05:53:15 pm »
Site/Username -
E-mail -


My name is Julian Pohl and i come from germany. Four years ago i founded a mid-famous german retro-gamingg page called "Emulazone".  But about 3000 unique hits a day, a couple of downloads and many friendly users in the discussion board made the traffic explode and so i had to take it offline. It was so hard for me because over the years i worked really hard to bring the people this nostalgic feeling of the older consoles back.

So the page was all about retro gaming. There were reviews of consoles like the "Super Nintendo Entertainment System" - kind of a retro gaming museum.If you like, i can post some screenshots of the page and the board.

Im looking forward to your answer

Kind regards,


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