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Applications / Celebrate films
« on: February 08, 2008, 01:28:53 am »
application here. I tried the best I could to follow instructions. Alrighty. thank you.

I spent maybe a few minutes on the site title it's nothing hard
Celebrate. my username correlates to the title:
celebrator just meaning, I celebrate, becoming a celebrator!


My site description:
A website to entertain the hears, mouth, and eyes. Films to be humorous is what I set out to do, is to put a smile on somebody's face, or least get entertainment out of someone 10 to 7 job. Either you hate my work or love it.

I don't have a website layout, not a good impression so far, but I have Mac. (hard to get HTML to work properly) becuase the family PC just got dull with editing, and been wanting one for ever since my laptop. but main layout, simple.
I plan on having a frameset look, so you still have banner and links. easy <div> tag tables. If you give me time I'll have a post on here with the site ready. It's hard from school to job, so i'll try the best I can do all I can!

How to persuade you:
Before I start pre-production in a film is, "What does a person want to watch?" but then I ask myself, "what do I want?" and I take my question more over then what they want because for me there both similar, WE WANT SOMETHING GOOD AND ENTERTAINING. So I don't have to ask both of those questions. I want to make people laugh, or to say, "that was complete random."

I have my own ideas and from a bit of some inspiration, I make films, and I want them out there.

If you need more information I'll be happy to do the "The Challenge" that is presented if you need more.

For some of my work I post on youtube, you might think why does he need a website here? Well websites now-a-days represent alot of different things, and I want to present it through a website then on a mypace type looking profile. Nah not what I really want to get out there.

Some work:

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