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Applications / Interim State [online graphic novel]
« on: December 01, 2008, 01:15:07 pm »


I'm Okii, I've been searching anywhere suitable to host my webcomic. i want to make an online graphic novel that updated 2-3 pages every week

(this project will be a non-commercial one, unless there are demands sometime near future,)

I myself have already start on a graphic novel called "Interim State" which hosted under limited bandwidth free host. the problem is it takes a lot of time to load. so i don't want the reader to be upset with that.


My current knowledge in html are quite good, a little PHP stuffs too.

Sample Work

you could check my personal artwork at :

you could check the project i've mentioned earlier at :


as for the host name, interimstate should be good..

i am looking forward for your answer.. i hope my application considered good enough for you. please ask me more about what you want to know in case it could help me with this hosting application. and i am sorry for my troubled english. :D

Thank you,

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