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Okay so I've started to build my website (

It's going well. As you see, I'm more of a graphic person than a code person, so I decided to make the code simple.

It looks great in Firefox 1/2/3 (preferrably under 1280x1024 screen resolution, but lower ones shouldn't affect it much)

The problem is. Once you switch over to IE7, (see for yourself). All that appears is the middle iFrame (which has alot of unneeded scrollbars). The background image doesn't even appear properly. And none of the image hotspots are there.

I don't get this it all, the code is really nothing complex. It's an iframe within an iframe. Could somebody please take a look to see if the problem appears on your IE browsers too?

I'll post screenies if you guys need to see what I mean.

Applications / Little Infinity
December 24, 2008, 05:19:33 PM
Desired Username: little-infinity
E-mail: k12123atgmaildotcom

Hi, I'm Chris, and I'm from Canada. I just turned 17, and I have an interest in applying for some space on Xepher to put my art up.

I've been working at my photography for months, but I do some traditional work as well. My art is more conceptual than anything else. Sure my gallery has some pretty landscapes, but I'm more focused on photography (and art) that has a greater meaning to it. My art is here:

I've been looking for a website to put up some of my best work (similar to how photographers put up their portfolios) on their websites. Unfortunately as I am still a high-school student, paid hosting isn't really feasible at the moment. I'm also hoping that the website will help me apply to the Ontario College of Art and Design this spring.

As for web-skills. I lack. I know SOME basic HTML, but that's about it. I rely on graphics to design my website. I haven't ever actually completed a website, bit I worked with notepad/GIMP a bit and came up with a mock layout with some filler content. If you download the small 600kb zip file and extract the folder to your desktop, you should be able to browse my website locally by clicking on the index.htm file in the folder.

Oh and don't mind the content, most of it is nonsensical/silly filler text. (especially the About Me section lol, though you're welcome to read)

Umm, I don't really have much to add, hopefully my work will speak for itself. :)

And take your time reviewing, no rush! I hope you like what I have to offer! Have a happy holiday people! :D