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Applications / Dragon's Pawn, fantasy novel series
February 05, 2009, 07:04:24 PM
username -- runedaur, if you please

email -- lostforth at gmail

This is a fantasy series.  The first installment, Dragon's Pawn, covers a three-year period in this world's early iron age.  Later ones revisit the country of Peria about every two centuries or so, a developing history; should I live long enough, the later ones will reach space travel. 

The thread through them all is an order devoted to the god of Death, the Runedaur.  Are the gods "real" in this world?  Depends on what you mean by "real", I guess; your (the reader's) call.

Sometimes I describe it as "Jackie Chan meets Think and Grow Rich".  I've spent a couple of decades learning stuff like neurolinguistic programming and other ways of living effectively, and my writing is frankly fantasy-coated "success technology".  I've got exactly no patience with angsty heroes, and my heroine learns quickly enough to get over herself.

My favorite compliment is, "Oooh.  That really made me have to think."

I expect to update at least weekly.  Having read Databits' lovely SSH guide, I could well make it semiweekly, it looks so easy!

I don't know from coding.  I mean, I wrote the stuff for my site -- which is how I know how much I don't know.  If the site looks bloody simple, it's 'cos it is. is currently hosted by PowWeb.  The crucial stuff (the novel, updates & archives) works; one link off the home page doesn't work 'cos I haven't put anything there yet (intended to be "about the author" kind of stuff), and the other nonworking one (Drummers Inn) because I don't know how to create a forum.  The link at the bottom will be very much elaborated on, but it's what you might call gravy.