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Email: cApRIcorn_TIGer86atYaHOOdotCOM

Desired Username: litur-comic

I'd like to apply with the challenge method, given that I have yet to find any other (even temporary) hosting for the site for a price within my current budget, and don't really have any finished product to show for it. I can post some of the stuff I've done in GIMP, playing around with fonts and layouts for the comic, as well as some of my older artwork to the thread if you'd like to see them, though.


Lost in the Unknown Realm is a webcomic, chronicling the adventures of three somewhat lost adventurers in a Fantasy RPG, similar to Dungeons & Dragons, told through the use of sprites from various video game RPGs, like the Castlevaina, Final Fantasy, and Legend of Zelda series.

The three main characters are Aero Honor; a Holy Warrior, Sekra Jademoon; a Mage, and Orpheus Silvelord; a Bard.

Aero is the leader of the group, though he likely isn't the best candidate for it; Sekra is more capable, and is usually the one to help "pull the group up by its bootstraps" so to speak, when things don't go according to plan. Orpheus, being a bard, isn't necessarily the most useful character in battle, but tags along with the other two in hopes of crafting a ballad of a grand adventure; since that's what most people want to hear.

Over the course of the comic, the holy warrior suffers an identity crisis after failing to become a paladin; a real-estate agent's plot to get them to buy into a time share property is thwarted when the party purchases the castle for themselves, Sekra's mysterious past is revealed and the party thwarts an attempted assassination and take over of a legendary hidden kingdom. And that's just what I have roughly scripted out so far...

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