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Applications / Court - futuristic-horror webcomic
April 20, 2009, 06:56:46 AM
username: kayes (derivative of my RL name, in case I want to add art gallery or other content later on)

email: sin-9 AT hotmail

Court follows the unraveling of a huge conspiracy years in the making in the city-state of Alma, a thousand years in the future. Basically it is REALLY REALLY hard to summarise, darn thing, but I promise it's really interesting k. Mostly it follows sex-addict, clotheshorse assassin Agent Oxycodone as she accidentally gets tangled up and trips in the metaphorical mess of snakes which is Alma's power struggle. Comic style is starkly contrasting 'black' and white (which, honestly, I'm still getting used to). Art style is somewhat realistic, I'm not sure how to describe it.

I have to also admit guiltily that I haven't coded a website for years and years (literally) so I am possibly incredibly rusty and awful and perhaps will be using crappy little ultra basic website layouts to begin with even though I understand the huge importance of web layouts on a webcomic. But I have loads of stuff planned for the website, including little interactive flash sections to give an alternate reality sort of feel, with information booklets serving as the 'About/History/World' section of the site and such things.

The webcomic touches on some touchy things such as religion and conspiracy and SEXORZ and stuff (but really what's new).

In terms of demonstrating my artistic ability, I have nothing much else to link you to other than my deviantart because I haven't had a website for years, so here you go: clickerty

I also have some (read: one) pages of the comic to show you, because the others are right now like half done and I'm still developing the style and heck, these ones will probably be redone because stuff is a bit shite for my liking: ch1 pg1 pg3 <- half-finished page 3 (which follows on directly from page 1 due to an intermittent credit page kind of reminiscent of the beginning credits of movies, etc) which, though half-finished shows my ability much better than page 1.

In future I might want to add in a section for my art gallery or photographs, examples of which can similarly be found at my deviantart but for the sake of ease I'll link you specifically: x o x

Please tell me if I have anything else I should add, and thank you for considering me for application. (: