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It's fascinating to see the different incarnations of our favorite dimension-shifting, toast-loving open source character. I wanted to pay tribute and homage to some of the versions out there, by redrawing their designs with my own lineā€¦

Here is my attempt at Jenny Everywhere Blue,
from Gwendolyn Patton's Jenny Everywhere Infinite: QuarkTime

That's an excellent homage, thank you!

Check today's comic for something new, it'll be up very shortly!

Fine with me!

I've got a new one too:  Jenny Everywhere's Infinite: Quark Time

I've only had it online for a few weeks, but I've been working on it for several months.  I've got a bit of a buffer worked up, and it updates weekly.  I hope to keep it going a good long time.

I love the concept of Jenny Everywhere, and I'll freely admit that I'm learning the art of cartooning while doing this webcomic.  This is my first attempt -- hopefully it'll work out well and I can move on to other projects later on.


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