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I'm actually considering to host a website here, but I have a few questions before I sign up for real and start uploading things.

See, the kind of site I'd like to start is an oekaki board. But the questions I have:
1) Is it allowed to make a site that's focussed on an oekaki board? It's not just my own art on there (well, I plan to draw, but not EVERYTHING will be mine) and thus I can't control some things that members will draw. Is that okay?
2) As a follow-up on question 1; how should I handle submissions that are focussed on fanservice? (Think pantyshots, cleavage, etc.) I'm not an avid lover of these things myself, but I don't really want to rule these out from being allowed to draw either.
3) Is it possible to install the scripts for oekaki in the first place? It would need PHP and MySQL in order to function and it uses JavaScript. I'm not a pro on running scripts, but I'll try figuring it out to my best ability.
4) How will the activity rule be handled? If the oekaki board is not a success, can I turn it into a different site and get a name change? I ask this because I have a different site I want to host somewhere, but since it's not fleshed out at all and just a plan at the moment. It might be fleshed out by the time the boards die down, though.
5) How is paid URL referring handled? I mean me buying e.g. (took my username for convenience - this site doesn't really exist) and referring it to this site? Would I need to list my site being hosted by

I'm sorry if some of these are being asked before... I'm just horrible at doing forum searches. ._.

Thanks in advance!