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Messages - Cassiopeia

Art / Sketch Input
July 08, 2006, 10:04:49 PM
Hm... I like your style, but the lack of land beneath the car and charachters definently needs to change. Also guessing that the car belongs to the charachters in your picture the car looks too small for the charachters to actually fit in. You might want to change that. If you add color it might look better to ^_^...
Web Design / Layout
July 04, 2006, 10:09:47 PM
I've decided I might move to comic genisis for a while before I reapply here once I have more in the gallery and comic. But since I may move I'd like to make a new layout. My html skills are as good as my website now, so I'm still not sure about how to make layouts like on other mangas I have seen. For example, how does one get the menu bar to stay on each link you click on. Like if you click on gallery the menu bar will still be there to click on another link to er... links or something. I don't really know the coding and I'd like help... I've been looking for tutorial at other layout sites, but I can't find any. Appreciate the help!
Applications / curry's illegal candy shop
July 04, 2006, 09:59:59 PM
Yeah, your artwork is very good! Bravo~
Applications / the grey zone
June 14, 2006, 11:54:01 PM
XD, yeah take it from the person who just went through the same exact thing. Hahaha, we'll both re-send our applications in once we've posted more. Although I must say you took it much better then I did, so good for you.
Quote from: XepherMune kinda touched on this, but how about the obvious? That is to say, HUMAN! Or, for that matter, biped. Heck, while we're at it, how many non mamalian/tetrapods get leading roles anywhere? :-P

I'm just saying, if you're going to think outside the box, then please, step away from the box!
Haha, so true. That's kins of why I respect stories like redwall because their all animal... lol. Plus the art on the cover is nice ^_^...
Alright, we know is about originality, and not using ideas that have been used a thousand times. So in stories/manga (meaning Japanese art style books. I know manga in Japanese means all comic books, not just the anime style)/comics that we have all read, which would most people think of as the most "typical" kind of main charachter? I read Ticky's Mary-sue thing, and it has some good points. But please tell me, when you think of a main charchter, what do you think are the most common qualities almost everyone puts into their main charachters? I mean as personality wise. The sweet cute little innocent girl who's like virtally perfect, the newbie hero who ends up to be the storngest of them all, or the cold mistreated person who grievs about their lives? If there are more you can think of, go ahead and state it. I just thought this may help some writers and comic artist out a bit more when there trying to come up with an original charachter ^_^...

My opinion, I think the cute inncoent girl is used waaaaay too often in manga's and stuff. I mean some girls are cute, but there are different kinds of people out there besides the cute ones @_@...
Art / Brain Tricks
June 13, 2006, 03:32:55 AM
OMG... this is so weird, in my math class we just had an optical illusion warm up since it's almost the end of the school year... So many optical illusions. It's where you have this black and white circle object, similar to one of the designs in xepher's first optical illusion, and you spin it, like with a drill or something and look at the center for a while. Once you take your eyes off it seems like the next object you stare at get's smaller then bigger, and smaller and bigger... @_@ Optical illusions make me dizzy @_@... I don't know how anybody could stand waking up and looking at a poster like that, I think I'd go blind...
Art / Ursulav spilled the beans~!
June 12, 2006, 11:21:00 PM
Ok I'm really late on this post. Er... I know I only draw Japanese manga style, and I'm not as expierenced as some of you, but the way I get my images in my head on a piece of paper is that I change my idea. Art should come naturally, and if it's not perfect, well then try to make that imperfectness into something eles. Maybe that tank top shirt your trying to design looks better as a tube top? You shouldn't try to just stick to that exact image all the time, that's really difficult in my opinion. But some people are able to do that, and I say bravo to you. Plus, I know everyone thinks it's copyrigt, but if you trace others pictures and don't post them as your own with out giving credit, you get way better as an artist because you learn how to form and draw the shapes that you want. Just my suggestions, hope they may help a little for those who are trying to learn how to do art more to their liking. ^_^;;;
Applications / Candyz Pop
June 12, 2006, 10:55:39 PM
To Chow: Yeah thanks ^_^... Yeah I'm "asian" now...  XD Sorry about that, I don't think I was even thinking when I wrote it. I forgot I even spell it with a "z" until griever told me. Most people I know really don't care about the spelling, but if some people dislike it, I have no problem changing it. But yeah your right. Glad someone caught that ^_^.

Hahaha, I'll keep that rule in mind.

To Munerift: Thank you as well. It's really nice to know I'm not the only one. By the way I saw your site, very nice. You draw wolves very well. I'm not so good at drawing realism, I tried in art class, it sucked... Got teased by my friend who draws way better then me.  Bleh... Well thanks for read these long long loooooooooooooonnnnnnnnggggggggggggg post XD...
Applications / Candyz Pop
June 12, 2006, 04:30:48 AM
Quote from: tickyhead*humph* I'm not talking to you anymore. ;)

Seriously though, I'm fine. I've "analyzed" enough applications, and broken up (and started) enough fights on other forums, to be pretty much immune to anything. :) It sorta comes with the turf.

You should really try out both Xeph and griever's ideas, comic genesis is a great place to experiment with your comic while you're first starting out, since their application process doesn't involve.....well, ME, I admit it. And doing little shorts about the characters, setting, and story itself will definitely help you hammer out the details.

Maybe cool down the explosive temper a bit too. It's hard to do, I know.....really, I know.
O_O;;; Don't scare me like that *waves arms like mad* You almost made me go in my pants! Ok too much info... -_-

Yeah, I don't know why I act out sometimes, maybe it comes with mood swings as a teenager. Sometimes I act out and I don't even know why...

Yeah I know. Although I was planning on getting a deviant art anyways, so this is a good opputunity ^_^... hey art should be fun for both the author and the reader! ^_^ Hopeully the next time I post in the applications section I'll have a manga that both you and Xepher will approve of ^_^... And if not, that's ok as long as we can stay friendly with each other and maybe even be friends is good enough^_^... I really just want to stay on good terms with as many people as possible in the world (though there are some people that just can't be helped a.k.a. Adolf Hitler)XD.
Applications / Candyz Pop
June 12, 2006, 03:46:17 AM
That's a great idea! Thank you ^_^! I really hope that you guys will forgive me and if I could come and get  some advice ^_^. I'll try not to act out and keep that to a minimum at all cost. I try not to, but sometimes I have issues and I'm not afraid to say the truth about myself.

 I'm sorry Ticky I think I made you feel bad... if your willing maybe sometime we could actually get to talk about something besides my site and express our love for art ^_^... Or something like that @_@
Applications / Candyz Pop
June 12, 2006, 03:32:59 AM
I understand many people have took time to write things out for me, but I'm not upset they dislike my work, I just felt that I was being used as an example of what not to do. But after I read out a couple of times I understand. Like I said I'm highly opinioniative.

Actually I'm on some of forums already, I just meant that I'd come post here some more and maybe get to know people better. Sometimes I have a hard time not judging people by an action they have performed, but I know it's deeper then that and people have many different sides. I don't need praise what so ever. I'm not doing my manga for praise, I'm doing it because I love to draw and come up with stories and things (Even though they are based on other stories sometimes). Of course Praise is always nice here and there.

Also, I think you misunderstand me, it's not the time I put into writing these post at all, I knew from the begginning that it might go to waste. It's that I was shocked and a little hurt that there was so much about how my manga isn't going to work, and I think if many other people were in my shoes they'd be a little hurt to. I'm just the kind of person who's stubborn and I don't like to be thought of as arrongant. So I stand up for myself. I probably misunderstood what Ticky was trying to say though. When I first read it, it sounded like Ticky thought I was a an arroant teenager who thinks I'm queen of the world, and I didn't want people to think of me that way. But of course I probably went to far in my third post as well, it isn't Tickys or xepher's fault at all, as I stated I don't hate, I just get hurt sometimes.  

And your right about the strait out yes or no, that wouldn't be good either. I just thought there be less about it like, "You don't have enough content and try to make it more original." Instead of all the bits and details. Even though I have been working on it for a short amount of time, each page took me about a week to do, and since my html skills were bad it took me months to get them right and make the site look nice. So I'm pretty sure everyone knows how it feels to have taken some time and effort into something and have it go to waste, I sorta felt like that. Though luckily I didn't lose my old site @_@, that'd be bad.  

I'd appreciate if I could get to know the community, just posting and trying to make new friends and such. If no one wants to become good aquantences with me, I can accept that.
Applications / Candyz Pop
June 12, 2006, 01:30:26 AM
Nah, It's hard to break me ^_^... I'll be good, I'll apply agian when the summers over after I have posted at least 20 something pages or so to prove to you I'm not lieing! I understand you are nice people and I respect that ^_^ I don't hold grudges XD. I can kind of see where you guys are coming from and I didn't mean to sound like a brat or anything, I just think geocities stinks and people said I should switch. But if I have to wait till I have posted more, then I'm good with it. I guess the reason I felt hurt the most was because it seemes you commented on the bad points of my manga way more then others that I saw on the forum. It made me feel a little like I was getting unfair treatment since the post were way longer about the bad points of my site. But it sems I have a chance of getting hosted someday in the waaaaaaay future if I'm good and work hard, I'm good, I''ll just work more and then apply, which was my original plan until I saw your hosting and that my friend was telling me how geocities sucks so bad and trying to get me to move. As i said thank you. And I'll be trying to post more on the forums, maybe get some new ideas for my manga ^_-...
Applications / Candyz Pop
June 12, 2006, 12:16:22 AM
Alright, but the bottom line is, you are flaming whether you mean to or not. And personally I don't liked to be flamed, I don't think anybody does. Yes I do have a hard time, but as I said I dislike hiatus, so I will continue this manga either way. I do seriously wish if you did not like it, then just say so instead of bon barding me with all these statements of how it's not original. Because in truth it really hurts ones feelings and confidence. It's like putting someone down because it's hard to think of an original idea. With the whole I'm lazy, If I was would I have spent the whole time trying to make sure I got all the ratings and stuff and going through the trouble of trying to get hosted? If you don't want to host, then please just state so, I wouldn't mind. I mean explanations are great, but seriously I feel it was a little too far. If you don't like my manga it's fine there are always people who don't, but I know there are so people out there who like it, so I'll continue it and find a new host if worst comes to worst. If the problem is you think I'm being rude, I'm not in my mind, it's hard to express one's feelings over the net. I do feel a little hurt that you guys really dislike my site, but I don't hate you for it. So thanks anyways.
Applications / Candyz Pop
June 11, 2006, 09:34:18 PM
Ok I would just like to state there is no such thing as an original manga these days. Most all of them are based off of each other or similar. Like Hana Kimi and Girl Got Game, yet people still like both for their own twist. I actually don't think it's all original, I'm just throwing my own twist in it, that's what I'm trying to show. Note the word trying I used in the first comment? I really dislike it when people think I'm arrogant and that I think my manga is the best!  I actually think mine is really bad compared to the other links I have made with such as cafe aladdin.

With the hair, unless you think Cala from crystal cards, a site you have already hosted looks weird, then fine. But I like it, and as long as the author likes it and others can move on with their lives, then there should be no reason to flame.

Maybe it's because I have few pages updated that it's hard to see I have added my own twist here in there, and I'm trying to do this, but with real life and other things it's hard to update, and I just started. The reason why I wanted to be hosted so soon is because I didn't want to change all my links that I have made. But if you insist I will wait till I have more pages up before i ask to be hosted again.

Sorry about the east azn thing, I was just lazy, but I'll re post it for you griever ^_^...

With my webpage, well it was originally going to be for my junk site, but then someone said I should do a manga, so I did. If you hate the title so much I'll do my best to change it, it's just a pain and will take away from my art time. It may take me months to redo it all because I have limited time. And I don't want to stop doing the manga. I dislike it when ppl go on hiatus, so I don't want to do so.  

All in all, besides your comments about not having enough pages up , most of the comment are all opinion. Although I can see why you are all making comments about the originality. As i said I'm trying to create my own twist, the basic outline may be the same as many others, but it's the twist, jokes, charachter personalities, and so on that make the manga unique. I understand many of you have strong opinions I myself do as well. I'd appreciate it if you didn't judge me as arrogant or something because I do my best not to be. I really just wanted to try and appeal my site to you, that's all it is. And if I made it seem like I think my manga's all that, I'm sorry, I know it's generic in many ways, but I'm trying to add my own twist and share my art with other people so they can correct me and tell me how my story is. It's my first manga, and I'm doing my best to make it as good as I can.