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OK, that makes sense. I have three of five sections up now, thanks very much for your help.
Thanks! Er, sorry about the lack of email address, I assumed it'd be in my profile. A couple of questions, though, mainly relating to the newsbox: does it have to be on the index page? The layout I have in mind has an "updates" page in an iframe embedded in the index page and it would probably look better to have the newsbox there. Also, to make it work, I know you have to have a php rather than ordinary html file, but does that mean I have to add anything other than saving the file with a .php file extension? And do all the pages have to be saved in such a format?
Er, sorry if these are really obvious, or really commonly asked, or don't make sense...
Applications / Beyond Mossflower
January 08, 2007, 01:12:29 PM
A Redwall fansite/RPG, I assume? Sounds interesting...
OK, back again. I thought I'd post a couple of art samples in this thread, because they're infinitely better than what's on my DA - I got a tablet and photoshop since then.

This was a practice/doodle that kind of grew on me.

This is still unfinished but I'd consider it to be one of the best things I've ever done.
Just to say, in the [unlikely?] event of my application being accepted in the next two weeks, I will be offline and unable to do anything about it.
Ah, new name: Catfish Pass - I always think of something better ^__^; Names are not my strong point. Celephaïdra was inspired by a Lovecraft story (crossed with the mythological character Phaedra) and Catfish Pass is a location in my comic which has the same initials as me.
Name: Celephaïdra (working title - I may think of something better)
Requested Username: kassieopia

I hope this is all right - if it's better, I can post most of the info here rather than as links, but I thought I'd try to be concise.

I currently draw the webcomic Autumn in the Otherworld (, which has an archive of 34 pages currently online but will be roughly 500 pages by the end (and I do mean to finish it) and you can see some (slightly out-of-date) examples of my artwork at my deviantart account, If this application is accepted I might transfer AitO to my account here eventually.

The site would be an art/writing gallery for individual pieces such as paintings and short stories and bigger projects both related and unrelated to the main comic, such as mini-comics, novels (posted chapter by chapter, probably) and my constructed worlds and languages, information about one of which can be seen at

I'd also like to start a forum eventually, with sections for discussion and critique of art and writing, an RPG section for some Autumn in the Otherworld-based forum RPing, (which I have a bit of experience in, see the RP Soup section of the Redemption/ASPS forum,, as well as discussion of the comic - would that be possible?

My web design skills are best described as "fairly basic but functional" - I'm moderately confident in HTML and CSS, and wrote all the code for my website by hand using Notepad - I'm keen to learn some PHP and the like, however.

I'd be interested in moving here for a number of reasons - firstly, ComicGenesis, while a good comic host, doesn't give me the freedom I'd like in managing the site - it's fine for comic archives, but for an art and writing site I'd prefer to have more control over layout, structure, etc - its image hosting system is also irritating. Secondly, seems to have a good community behind it, which is always nice. Thirdly a friend, Senshuu ( is hosted here and she recommends it highly.

I also had a question - does the ftp support have web-ftp access or will I need to get an ftp client? If so, can anyone recommend one?