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Applications / Re: buffalo sings
February 20, 2008, 02:47:58 AM
Alright, I've been lurking through the forums and I think I've got the idea of how to set up your own site for here.
I also found a good tutorial on using Mozilla to create/edit pages that pretty much walks you through everything, and I've got Mozilla downloaded and ready to go.

It'll take some time to get everything looking nice and I can work through any problems I encounter. I wouldn't just leave the site hanging there looking dopey for very long because I'm a perfectionist with this sort of thing. I have no problem with a lot of trial and error until it works right.

It might take me awhile to get the hang of it, I've designed very simple webpages before but nothing really 'legit', so I think that this would be a good learning experience anyways. I've planned to have a personal art site eventually, and I feel better coding it myself than just hiring someone to do it for me.
Applications / Re: buffalo sings
February 20, 2008, 01:05:07 AM
Alright, I downloaded the 30 day trial of Dreamweaver so I'll see if I can figure out some things with that. The only thing I don't know how to do is make new pages, but if Dreamweaver doesn't help my uncle is a website making guru so I'll get some help from him.

So to edit your site on here do you just enter the HTML or whatever into a text box and submit it? Or something like that?
Applications / buffalo sings
February 19, 2008, 10:20:11 PM
username: buffalosings

email: r a v e n s t e l l @ yahoo . com

desc: just a personal art site, really. an easy archive for those that wish to see my art. It'll include paintings, drawings, and photography.
eventually i might set up a little store type thing, selling goodies that I make.

I recently set up a site on Freewebs after getting sick of just posting to sites like deviantart, and well. That lovely little Freewebs advertisement intruding its way upon every page is getting extremely irritating.

But anyways you can check it out here:

That's also the extent of my web designing skills, too. I know a bit of HTML, nothing too intricate.
Is your site editing system a bit like Freewebs? Mostly with the "click to add a page" thing...I'm clueless when it comes to setting up new pages and all that, kinda embarrassing but oh well. I'm not a very computery person despite the fact that my generation basically relies on it for everything, hehe.
If i can't figure out how to do separate pages I might just make everything on one page but i would really really rather not.

There's not too much on there yet because I just set it up a couple days ago, so I guess you consider the Freewebs thing to be a sample, but you get the basic idea.

So yes, my site is to display art I've done, and to get my artwork a bit more out into the...internet world. I hope to become a freelance illustrator after I finally graduate high school and college so I think it would be a good idea to get the roots or a site set up at least, even if it's only for display, and not payment, at the moment.
I'll update depending on whether or not I have access to my computer, which I usually do. It also depends on how much art I do. I'll update at least a couple times a month. I usually draw for a week or two and upload multiple things at a time.

My art is usually a statement of some sort (not counting the doodles and sketches), it's just hard to decipher at times, so I guess my site can serve as something like that, too.
I mainly focus on ideal such as anti-prejudice, non hatred/violence, respect for the planet, enlightenment (third eye), and i present them in many different ways.
I do some psychedelic art too, but it's not...psychedelic like you'd expect, I suppose. Usually the things I draw are extremely bizarre or even disturbing.
My main motivation is to get you thinking, or to spark any sort of emotion.

I do female nudity quite often, most of which is artistic or figure studies. Some of it isn't though, so I'd just like to ask if pin-up type pictures are considered acceptable? If not I won't put any up. They wouldn't show anything more than breasts and I do them when I get bored sometimes, with weird things like zombie girls. I also like to do pin-up (ish) drawings depicting girls who are bigger, to get it across that you don't have to be 80 pounds to be 'sexy' or beautiful, which is something I believe really strongly in.

Well, that's it really. My site will be a big salad bowl of all those things. (:

Thanks for reading!