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Jenny Everywhere: The Shifter Archive / Re: Jenny Everywhere Day 2013!
« on: August 01, 2013, 06:09:48 pm »
That would be exciting! I've never done a podcast.
How would that work?

Did a little post and image, to get the word out, on tumblr!

Hello true believers,
I've started serializing Tales To Behold 3 on The Beholder, for you all to read.
Featuring the return of Armagedda! Reverse-robberies! Insect-people! Captain Evening! Jenny Everywhere! Villains! Much more and– witches go dancing!

Here are the first 6 pages in order:

If you can't wait to see how it all unfolds of the next 2 months, and make me a very happy Beholder, you might even consider purchasing the entire book here:

It's hand-made with block-printed color elements. For $6, you get 48 pages of comics!
Before the month is over, Bird Cage Bottom Books even has a special, if you order for $15 or more.
For the coupon, click here and scroll to the bottom of the page:

But no pressure– in the meantime, hope you'll enjoy the story!

There is a special running right now at BCBB, when you buy more than $15 worth of comics, you get one for fee.

Check out the coupon at the end of the page here:

Thanks for all the hard work Fes, and for putting up all my things!
Definitely will be part of Jenny Everywhere Day again, and will try to get the word out about it.

No worries, we believe you!
Thanks for commenting, and excited for the next Everywhere Day and archive update!

Thanks so much for putting this topic on top, fes! Very much appreciate it!

Today’s post is a tribute to FesWorks’ version of our Jenny, and includes a rendition of Fesworks' own avatar as well!
Their first meeting can be seen in his webcomic:
Bigger version on my tumblr:

Welcome to another episode of The Many Faces of Jenny Everywhere:

Today's contribution is an homage to the mini-comic “Jenny Everywhere Signing Off”, by Nigel Palmer.
It was too somber for me so I changed the content slightly…
Since she’s in the buff here anyway, I lifted the colors from her appearance in the naturist comic The Bare Pit:

Awesome, thank YOU!
 Hope you'll enjoy them!

Shameless Plug:
The Beholder's printed books are now available from
They are all handmade, digest size and with block-printed elements on the covers.

Tales To Behold 1-3 describes how Captain Evening is gathering a team called The Odds around himself, in every story a new character joins him.
Starting with Jenny Everywhere in Tales #1, in issue #2 it's Merv The Griffin and The Living Skeleton aka the Worst Man In The World, and in #3 The Blue Knight joins them.
Meanwhile, an unknown force seems to recruit all their enemies and opponents they encounter, which leads to a grand finale in the upcoming Tales To Behold #4, to be released in Fall 2013.

Journey Into Misery is a sister-series taking place in the same universe and sharing some of the same characters and a lot of unnecessary nudity.

Continuing showcasing the many incarnations of this most intrepid open-source character, today's depiction is The Beholder's most humble tribute to Nelson Evergreens version of the character.
His depictions of Jenny Everywhere aka The Shifter were amongst the most defining in the early years. His inking is amazing. You can see them here: and here:

On The BEHOLDER blog you can see a bigger size (plus a bonus drawing!) :-D

Fes, thanks as always for your continuous efforts and hard work you put into the site! I know it's hard to find the time on the side to keep these things going.
I've enjoyed seeing the latest updates, and looking forward to seeing my homages whenever you find the time. Will you give credit to the original creators I referenced? That would be fun, but might get complicated :-)

As for printing, I am actually sticking to my model of zeroxed zines with blockprint elements on the cover, but I have found distribution for it so now they are available online and for wholesale! I think for the time being this is the best solution ( I raised the prices slightly to make it all work out ok).
I might actually do an extra-post in the forum, but in the meantime here is the shop:
Only the Tales To Behold books feature Jenny Everywhere, but Journey Into Misery is a sister-series that shares some of the same characters.

Thanks very much, it's always rewarding to get some feedback :-D

Today's first Jenny is from the story When Casting Calls,
written by Jason Frank, Art by Scott Wegner, Color by Lawrence Basso, Lettering by Jeff Powel.

And this Jenny is from The Crossover Thingie by Mikael Oskarsson.

As always, done with humble respect to the original creators.

You can also read this post, on The Beholder,
with links to the original comics:

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