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Hosting Q&A / Re: Mixed content from various minds?
July 13, 2010, 08:23:49 AM
To answer the direct question, yes, I do allow "groups" to apply. The application process still remains mostly the same though, and I'll still want to see some example works to judge for both quality and persistence, though on the latter one, I'll be taking into consideration that all three of you would be combining updates.

As for HTML, there are things that make keeping a site around much simpler... various blog/comic scripts like walrus or comicpress, which (at least once setup) don't require any real knowledge of HTML. A lot of the users here use things like that, so you can probably get more information on what's good and what isn't from some of them.
General Chat / Re: Does all work suck?
July 13, 2010, 08:17:34 AM
I can't help but think of the song Code Monkey. :-)

And yeah, working at home doesn't work too well for me either, for the same reasons you said... no separation between "work" and "not work" and you never get that feeling of freedom at the end of the day when it's time to go home.
Applications / Re: Boom Comix
July 12, 2010, 04:33:49 AM
I'm sorry, 3 pages just isn't enough to go on, and the site itself says it was last updated in May. You're welcome to reapply in six months time if you've got more to show at that point. Best of luck!
General Chat / Re: Does all work suck?
July 09, 2010, 04:07:02 AM
Wow... but at least you beat Duke Nukem Forever to release.

The lateral transfer thing... I looked into that before I quit my last job, and they were quite eager to try and keep me, so it was an option, but what I realized was that it wasn't the specific tasks in the job, so much as that those tasks were the same day after day, and unless I kept moving to new positions every six months, I'd still run up against the wall, and there's only so many positions in a company anyway. More importantly, I realized that, for me, the limitations of an enforced schedule for a bigger deal than for most people. I don't mind putting in a lot of hours/work, but I don't like having to do it on the same schedule for very long. Some days, I'd be content to work twelve hours, but others I wouldn't feel like coming in at all. I also want to travel a lot, but most places don't offer any way to work overtime and build extra ETO, or even just take a pay cut for some more weeks of vacation. I'd gladly take half the pay if I can have 26 weeks off each year. As such, and barring some golden opportunity falling from the sky, I've got to do my own thing, and be my own boss. I'm working on that now, but it's tricky to start a business when you have no money.

But yeah... while I know it would never work for me, I am at time envious of the great patience I see in other people, being able to hold a job long term, and actually get promotions and raises and accolades on their resumes. If it took you 20 years to hit burnout, that's still a world record in my book.
General Chat / Re: You Know You're A Nerd When...
July 07, 2010, 08:57:31 PM
Ah, cool... well, welcome back. It is nice to see an old face as it were. There is part of me that finds it odd that I can find nostalgia for a website I run. Also kinda scary that I've been maintaining this site for a full third of my life. Just to put that in perspective, the release of NCSA Mosiac 1.0 was in 1993, and started in 2001. That's only 8 years, and has been online for 9 (as of tomorrow)... more than half the effective life of the world wide web. Wow!
General Chat / Re: You Know You're A Nerd When...
July 06, 2010, 04:31:39 AM
Wait wait... what? Who are you? What's the old screen name I should be recalling, because I know Valhalla Sky wasn't one I ever talked to before! The Twin Nex?

EDIT: Not The Twin Nex... just talked to her, not the same... so there's another linux using female in south texas that I've talked to but don't remember properly? Sorry, bad memory for screen names I guess!
General Chat / Re: You Know You're A Nerd When...
July 05, 2010, 07:05:41 AM
Heh... someone else who uses gentoo! True enough about the TV though... I miss The Middleman, Firefly, Farscape, Better Off Ted, Book of Daniel, Wonderfalls, Dead Like Me, Defying Gravity, and Pushing Daisies. :-)
Applications / Re: Gene Catlow (possibly!)
June 25, 2010, 05:26:10 AM
Hey Gene, guessing you probably found something else. I'm gonna lock and archive this. If you want to reapply in the future though, just open a new thread. You're always welcome.
Applications / Re: Cats & Owls
June 25, 2010, 05:25:25 AM
Never heard back, so I'm locking this. Open a new thread if you want to reapply.
Never heard from you, so I'm locking this one. Open a new application if you wish to reapply in the future.
Applications / Re: Black Pariah
June 10, 2010, 01:56:00 AM
Alright, account is setup. You should have an email with instructions.
Applications / Re: Black Pariah
June 10, 2010, 01:51:25 AM
No need to apologize, I never expect everyone to get all of it. Also, it's my own fault I didn't recognize you WERE continuing the weird al lyrics. Duh!

I'll setup an account now... get back to you in a few.
Applications / Re: Black Pariah
June 09, 2010, 04:48:11 AM
Well, you missed 7... the question was about orbital mechanics. A prograde burn (or "speeding up") puts you in a higher orbit, taking a longer path, and thus allows the other ship to catch up. The rest were decent though, but you missed pop culture references I tossed in for fun. E.g. "The Rye or the Kasier" is Weird Al's version of Eye of the Tiger. :-)

Still though, you pass. Your site is fairly simplistic looking, but you do have a knack for words, and since it's writing you intend, I think that'll have to do. Your reading could use some work though... you obviously missed the section of the instructions telling you to give a desired username (and email address in the body of the post.) I need those before I can set up an account.

General Chat / Re: You Know You're A Nerd When...
June 08, 2010, 09:38:09 AM
So I came across this comic, and it made me realize just how much of a nerd you have to be to get the joke.
Applications / Re: Black Pariah
June 08, 2010, 06:00:37 AM
6. What's your favorite book? Why?

7. If you're in a spaceship, orbiting a planet, and you need to dock with another ship, in an identical orbital track, but several minutes behind you, what maneuver do you perform?

8. If you could send one message to everyone in the world, but had to limit it to five words or less, what five words would you send? For the sake of simplicity, assume it's being beamed into everyone's head and magically translated to something they understand.

9. The singularity is coming. Would you rather live forever through genetic engineering, cloning, and other biological advances, or be uploaded into a computer? Why?

10. What's the most poetic phrase you've ever heard? E.x. some of my favorites are "Airplanes dance behind your eyes",  "Primal screams and ocean dreams", "The war was in color", and "Upon the end of your feral days."