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Applications / Exiled Dreams
September 04, 2006, 03:19:11 AM
Desired username: exileddreams


Site: I would like to have my site be for my online comic Exiled Dreams. It's a fantasy/adventure manga. ^^; There will be violence, but nothing extreme. No nudity, most likely. I'd give it a rating of around PG-13. I usually try to update my comic weekly.

Comic description: Three half-elf siblings, Jiro, Ivy, and Ren, find a strange young man unconscious outside their house one rainy night. At first they assume he is just a regular elf headed to the nearby town of Lakeview. It is not long, though, before strange things start happening; assassinations attempts, wild magic, and whisperings of the secrets of the gods...

I'm very bad a descriptions. x_X;;

You can see my comic here:

Please try to ignore the huge adds at the top of the site. They get in the way of the layout and I had to move the menu down because they were covering that as well. >_< It's part of the reason why I'm moving now...along with a billion other things. @_@

You can see more of my art here: or