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Misc. Content / Re: PHP Scripting Help please~
« on: August 28, 2007, 02:40:02 pm »
session_pagestart() is a created function defined in the sessions.php file in the includes folder (at least in phpbb 2.0.22).  Check if that file is there and if it was damaged somehow.

Technical Support / Re: PHPBB Issue
« on: July 18, 2007, 05:32:55 pm »
If you think it's a phpBB specific exploit or bug, you'll probably get a faster answer at their support forums.

I don't know much about mysql or phpBB, but I imagine an exploit in another script could allow this as well, though I'm not sure why only the BB tables would be messed with.  Do you keep what you use up to date?  Also, is this a random occurance, or had you just added/modified something?

Art / Re: Art challenge
« on: July 11, 2007, 08:27:56 pm »
No silly pancake stack!  Pancake tower!

Took about 40 min plus an unknown time fighting with my scanner.

Hosting Q&A / Re: Featured Site - How often updated?
« on: June 28, 2007, 01:41:36 am »
As for having some basic PHP/Comic framework for new people to start with if they want, I'm considering it. Not sure if it really belongs on proper, or if that's more something that might fit in a comic-specific subsection/project though.

Perhaps have a file containing commonly used comic functions.  Include simple, highly automated functions for things like listing comics for an archive and getting numbers for First, Prev, etc. links.  Using it'd require a minimal knowledge of php while still allowing for a custom page design.

I imagine the most it'd require is being able to copy the right bits of php into the right places, like "<?php include('comic_functions.php'); comic_set_vars($_GET['comic']); ?>", "<img src="images/<?php echo $current; ?>.jpg" />", and "<a href="comic.php?comic=<?php echo $next; ?>">Next</a>".

General Chat / Re: A New Project! Webcomic Reviews in 60 seconds!
« on: June 08, 2007, 04:33:04 pm »
The site's quite nice now!  You still have the same meta description tag though.

I don't like the Odeo.  I was wierded out by the way you have to click activate it, then again to play, and because it has an unconventional loading display and no volume.

I've never embedded audio, but found two interesting google results. is an FAQ talking about embedding audio including an XSPF player and embed tags. offers a simple player and code to customize it.

General Chat / Re: A New Project! Webcomic Reviews in 60 seconds!
« on: June 06, 2007, 05:46:27 pm »
I listened to Voids, Concerned, and Abstract Gender.  You do nice analyses.

Your site looks pretty good.  I like the green color scheme.  It's not a common web color and soft on the eyes.

There are two minor problems.  On each of the pages you linked, the menu (forum, contact, archive, criteria) is different.  Second, your meta tags are the same as PSI.  Keywords don't really matter, but the description is what's displayed on Google

From here on out it's nitpicking! ;)

The pages feel slightly chaotic.  It's mainly the index and bottom of the pages.

The index gets it from all the different distances and lines.  Like the difference between the news block and archive block and the lines around Voids on the list.  The bottom just has so much stuff in varying sizes.

On the review page, you've two links that go back to the page they're on.

And the copyright sign doesn't work on the index and archive pages.  Though it does work on the review pages.

Hosting Q&A / Re: Featured Site - How often updated?
« on: May 31, 2007, 02:41:06 am »
Right now the newsbox and, along with it, featured site can be too inobtrusive.  For exmample, I found from the itty-bitty text at the bottom of DMFA.  I didn't even register the medium size newsbox as it looked like a just web ring.

I think it needs to stand out against the pages more.  Something like using a banner or requiring it at the top.  It especially needs to if the art/creative community site idea (artica?) is used.  If the newsbox stands out more, then so does and the featured site.  Nothing too gaudy though or it'll be more like a banner ad ;)

For the featured site now, maybe you could also use a little image alongside the text.  Liven it up a little.  Users could set it in their config like the site description.  Sort of like a site avatar.  It could also be displayed in other places like the site directory.

Announcements / Re: New Forums!
« on: May 31, 2007, 02:09:17 am »
There is no "Settings" part under privacy :/
You must be using a version of FF I'm with which I'm not familiar.  I use FF and for Windows, and there're Settings buttons under privacy.

The roundabout way of checking is in about:config (type about:config into the URL window and go).  Look for privacy.sanitize.sanitizeOnShutdown and privacy.item.cookies.  sanitizeOnShutdown says whether or not data will be cleared when you close FF, and item.cookies says if cookies will be cleared.

And, like Xepher, I've no idea what's up with that latest thing.

Announcements / Re: New Forums!
« on: May 27, 2007, 05:16:25 pm »
Are you sure FF isn't clearing privacy stuff when you close the window?  It's seperate from cookie settings.  Check Options: Privacy: Settings: Clear Private Data When Closing Firefox.

Web Design / Updating Comic
« on: April 07, 2007, 06:00:10 am »
What you update and how it works depends on what you use.

Most automatic update scripts incorperate an index page and just choose the latest file which is released.  Then run backwards, get the second latest and first to make the appropriate links.

You can get stuff like iStrip with snaazy web interfaces and automatic record keeping.  IStrip has a web form that lets you upload a file, add corresponding news and a title, and a release date.

When choosing what you use, you have to think about the bells and whistles and such.  Do you need the web interface, or can you use something smaller and simpler which requires manually changing a file or database?  Do you want it to organize your comics by date (which is rather archaic on the web) or by number?  The less automated and detailed the script is, the easier it'll likely be to design your webpage.

I'm not quite sure what you meant by using comic.php on the front page.  If you meant use whatever update/archive script as your home page you could name it index.php

If you're still searching for scripts, there's an old (circa 2004) list on buzzComix

Hope that helps =)

General Chat / Blogs: Fount of life? Or secret Nazi death plot?
« on: March 27, 2007, 04:44:25 am »
I manage to escape most of the "blogosphere" (I'm so anti-social that no one wants me to read their blog) though I can see how it's all annoying.  The world's getting faster and smaller, so you just don't have the time to use thought or that crazy thing called grammar.

Normal essays and structure will never die on the web, though it could be drown out by the trash.  Random fads and their accompanying blogs are growing in number.  The trouble is the internet is swapping (or has already swapped) over from an information network to yet another form of entertainment.

Now that I think about it, when I search for information, my first source is wikipedia (don't scold me, I use the reference links, not the user added material talking about cows on the moon :rolleyes:)

Sadly, so many people love the stuff like blogs that search engines'll never create good filters.  I actually did do a random google search on the word "bacon."  What do you know, the fifth link is to a blog search (And the first link is to wikipedia).

Applications / north of the city
« on: March 27, 2007, 04:18:00 am »
Go ahead and put the username and email right at the top of your first post.  Above "hello" so it's easy for Xepher to find.

Your music is pretty neat.  My favorite was "the fear of doing wrong" followed by "sigma."  I didn't have any trouble with volume except I couldn't understand most of the vocals in "blue."  Is there any way to listen to your songs in full without making an account or something for wemusicstore?  Some of your stuff was interesting, but then cut off because it's a preview.

Getting a temp host for the preview'd be good.  Something free like Geocities or Fortune City.  That way Xepher can get a better sense of your site and hopefully listen to your songs in full.

Good luck with the application =)

Hi, I don't have a Xepher account, though I want to help =)

I played with the html source from, specifically the page for Garnet.  However I didn't know what PHP source you were using so I couldn't play with that.

In regards to installing a webserver on your own computer for PHP testing, you can find some all-in-one installers which make it easy.  I use apache friends xampp; it's a combined installation of Apache with options for PHP 4 and 5, MYSQL, Filezilla FTP and Mercury Email.

For the special characters such as the wavy n and copyright, how are you entering them?  The ASCII codes seem to work: &#241; for the n and &#169; for the c.

Font sizes vary depending on browser due to default settings.  I think FF has a bigger default setting than IE.  If you set font size in em or pt like Xepher suggested it should be the same.

With cool fonts that no one has on their computer, in CSS font-family, you can specify a list of fonts for the browser.  Something like font-family: "Cool font", "Cool, yet common font", "Uncool font", general font-family;

The HTML source for the banner was messy, so I tried to clean it up, and ended up making it XHTML valid for some reason.  Stuff like the DOCTYPE, title, img alt, and meta tag aren't really needed for this, but make it valid.  Using CSS looks like a good idea though, as you can chop out all the tags.  (I added a space to the n ASCII to make it display in the code, remove it and it'll make the n)

Code: [Select]

Xepher Free Thinkers Network



      Xepher.Net Webcomics


      Banner for Garnet

    A dark, romantic story about a girl who, trying to save a man, follows a demon/vampire to another dimension and gets involved in a war between demons and humans. (Tambien en Espa&# 241ol )

I hope I've been helpful and not just random =)

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