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Emulazone Retro-Gaming Application

Started by Da_Pohli, October 07, 2005, 05:53:15 PM

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My name is Julian Pohl and i come from germany. Four years ago i founded a mid-famous german retro-gamingg page called "Emulazone".  But about 3000 unique hits a day, a couple of downloads and many friendly users in the discussion board made the traffic explode and so i had to take it offline. It was so hard for me because over the years i worked really hard to bring the people this nostalgic feeling of the older consoles back.

So the page was all about retro gaming. There were reviews of consoles like the "Super Nintendo Entertainment System" - kind of a retro gaming museum.If you like, i can post some screenshots of the page and the board.

Im looking forward to your answer

Kind regards,



Screenshots would be nice, along with maybe a site showing off your HTML/PHP/whatever skills? Generally going on words alone isn't enough (unless you're doing the "challenge" thing), you have to show some of your work.
I don't hate everyone, I'm just very, very disappointed in them.


Also, gaming sites, while allowed, rarely showcase enough originality and content to get in. Not saying "no" yet, just letting you know.


Hey you, thanks for the chance you give my page.

This is a screenshot of the article overview on the page:

The first handmade forum style:

The second handmade forum style (still a few errors):


I think Retro-gaming is awsome, looking at the past games lets others see new games as well! plus i just love games. I really like the screen shots as well.


I like the subject of retro gaming. Super NES will always be my personal favorite.
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You're talking an emulation software site? Isn't that a violation of copyright? I thought emulation was one of those grey areas.
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First of all i would like to thank you guys so much for all your positive feedback.
The software which emulates another system, the "emulator", is completly legal. Using and downloading the games, called "roms" is legal for certain, old systems like the nes, snes, sega mega drive and things like that. The developers do not own any copyrights because they dont make any money with these systems anymore. Things are getting a bit difficult with systems like the N64 or Gameboy Advance. You are allowed to download a game but you have to erase it in the next 24 hours from your harddisk.
If my page will be accepted here i could simply replace the n64 and gba section with some older systems so there wont be any trouble.


Ah... you're actually hosting roms. That's gonna be a "no." The "delete in 24 hours" thing is a rumor. You can't copy it for even a second. Copyright (thanks for nothing DISNEY!) goes for author's lifetime + 90 years or some such BS. Anyway, all ROM downloads are in violation of copyright, save a few where the original authors/owners gave explicit revocation of their rights. As I don't allow any copyright violations to be hosted on, it seems your site is not gonna be allowed.



It's still a violation of copyright no matter where you put it, and because it is a part of your website's content (albeit hosted elsewhere) not only are YOU connected to it but so is Xepher for hosting you. So I'm guessing that's still gonna be nixed.

Besides, if you can get hosting somewhere else for your "rom" stuff why are you trying here, where it is very much not allowed?
I don't hate everyone, I'm just very, very disappointed in them.


Thanks for your patience but i see that it is not possible for Xepher to host my page.
By the way: I did not say that i own that space, i just wanted to know if this would be possible.