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Started by Xepher, October 29, 2010, 08:02:32 AM

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So... I just now took this picture of my desk area. You may notice some things are slightly askew. Bonus points to whoever points out the exact oddities.


i don't think I can be friends with a lefty.
Pizza party! Pizza for everyone!....who has money?


I was gonna point out that one of the wheels is actually laying on the ground. Hence why, when I sat down in it, it fell over and I hit my head really good on the dresser. This is why you shouldn't sit while intoxicated!

Oh, and I'm actually right handed... I'm just dyslexic. :-P

Both of those are actually true... but really, I mouse left handed because I use computers so much, work and home, that my right handed started to get carpal tunnel a few years ago. I figure if I'm gonna injure a wrist, it should be the left one. First few months is really difficult, but now I nearly feel ambidextrous, which is kinda awesome. The doubly weird part is that I have a slight bone deformity in my left forearm. It basically means the "neutral" position of my wrist is twisted further in than normal. I can't hold my left palm up/level, so it makes juggling extra difficult. However, it seems to make for less (or even zero) stress on my wrist when using a mouse. I've been mousing left handed for more years than I ever did right handed, and my left hand has had no pain or signs of injury at all. Weird, isn't it?