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Portfolio Website!

Started by StheStampede, May 14, 2010, 02:45:54 AM

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Username: Swan

Site Title: Stephanie Swanson

E-Mail: sswanson [at] g [dot] risd [dot] edu

The site, if I am approves, would be used as a classier portfolio site than the one I already have. I am looking to present a professional image as I am a rising senior at the top art school in the US. I do surface designs, patterns, digital illustration, narrative illustration, cut-paper work, and costume design.

You can see my current website at:

I would be adding new material very often, as I am always making art. I'll also be moving some of the pieces on my site to the new site.

But all in all, I would just like to make my site look as nice as possible. I hope you approve my application! Thanks!


Well, the art is very impressive, but given what you're doing for an education, you don't need a sysadmin on the web to tell you that. :-)

One quick question... the current portfolio looks to be just a sampling (around 30 images for the entire site) of your overall output. When you say you'll be frequently adding new works, are you planning to keep just a "highlights reel" like you have now, or move to a more inclusive gallery?


Thank you! I really appreciate your kind compliment. :)

I would be keeping the highlights on the new portfolio website so I could sent it to possible employers and to anyone who wants to see my art. I'm going to be dividing it into sections though...a space for surface design work and patterns...a place for narrative illustrations...all that good stuff! But I am constantly doing work so the content will not stay static at however many images. I'll be removing things, replacing them with new things too!


You could keep older stuff in an archive area too.  That way people can see your progress too.
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While I understand the desire to keep a professional portfolio, showcasing only your truly top works, that's not really the purpose of The intention here is to let people share their creative output, especially when they'd be unable to do so without such a free service. For art sites without a central focus (e.g. a comic) that generally means having a large-ish quantity of works available for perusal. Since visitors will ostensibly be coming to see the art, not a thrice weekly comic or something, there needs to be a fairly large amount of that available. That's why I don't usually accept small/focused/professional style portfolio sites... though in fairness, many artists here have a comic, or a large gallery, or a photography project, etc... AND keep a separate portfolio as a section of their site The main focus of a site always has to be sharing free, creative content though, and professional promotion has to take a back seat to that. Don't get me wrong, I love your art, but XN isn't a portfolio host... You're already on carbonmade, which, while I understand it's limited in what you can do, IS specifically meant for small-ish, professional portfolios.

Bottom line is that, if you're wanting to share your work with the world, and need a free host to help with that, XN is the place. On the other hand, if you're just wanting to show some select examples in order to get hired, I'm afraid you'll have to look elsewhere. I do wish you the best of luck though, and I'm sure you'll go far no matter where you end up.