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So I've been absent for a bit...

Started by Starstruck_Disaster, October 08, 2005, 05:18:52 AM

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Mikey! *huggles* Mikey up there does the backend coding for my site...^^

DEATHY! *snuggles*

Defiantely Databits XD

Heya Ashley ^^


That reminds me, we have a couple of things to fix on your site. Remind me? :) You know I am forgetful when it comes to these things. XP


Psst Mikey. You have to teach em how to make custom error pages. I've drawn a silly penguin and it must be utilized!


*lol* You got it. :)

I'll try to do that tonight when I'm over to Sarah's. :D *bouncebounce*

DC Bueller

Moo moo mooshi!  Tis been awhile for me too, but I lurkish sort of...
Don't let the end of the world keep you from living another day.