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Beta Trade?

Started by BaaingTree, August 17, 2009, 10:55:21 PM

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<.< >.> Wow, this section of the forum looks pretty dead.  Oh well, if I'm in the wrong place, tell me and I'll vamoose until I lose my newbie bits.

I was wondering if anybody around would be introducing in trading beta/proofread skills with me, for writing or comics.  I've been around the Web a while, but I guess I'm a bit slow and have yet to get a beta.  So far, nobody's complained, but still, betas are a good thing.

Also, although I've found art critique folks and writing critique folks, I've yet to find someone who critiques comics specifically. (I'm talking things like frame size, text choice, page layout, things that aren't covered by the above two bits.) I do traditional paper and pencil comics, and write a bit of sci fi, a bit of fantasy, a bit of fanfiction.  Of course, part of the deal is I'd be doing critique too; if I feel I'm qualified for it, I'd love to do it.

Anyway, give me a ping if this catches your interest.


Well, I'll say that "beta" isn't really the term most writers use. That's usually software. That minor issue aside, yeah... I need a place to swap stories and such for critique as well. Let's do it.