The anti-spam plugins have stopped being effective. Registration is back to requiring approval. After registering, you must ALSO email me with your username, so that I can manually approve your account.

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New Forum Registrations Now Require Approval

Started by Xepher, May 04, 2009, 01:24:50 PM

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Alexa... oi! Alexa is to real statistics what KFC taste tests are to real food research. Point is, no one ever wanted a "double down" sandwhich, and the only stats Alexa gets are from the bottom 10% of internet users stupid enough to install the Alexa spyware on their computers.

Point is, don't worry too much what Alexa says about your site. But yeah, odds are that it's all spammers linking to you as a place to spam. :-)


lol, Alexa is completely pointless except to 1% of people (actually, more like 0.2%). I discovered it yeaaars ago when I tried to make a Wikipedia article about my then-only webcomic (again, lol) and someone was like NOT HIGH ENOUGH ALEXA-RANKED

Also, noooo, targeted by spammers! Oh well, none of them can post anymore. >:D Take that.

SMF spammers in particular are really awful about posting porn on your forum. :[
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This seems the best place to update this... I just installed an anti-spam plugin for the forums that checks registrations against's database. Should make it easier for me (and anyone else playing admin) when checking new registrations. It should automatically highlight spammers in red I think. We'll see how good it is, I might get to turn off manual approval if it's good enough.


Alright, this new anti-spam mod seems to be pretty good. I'm setting registration back to merely requiring email activation. Anyone it detects as a spammer will need to be manually approved and/or rejected, but other, legit new users should be able to start posting right away. Let's see how this goes.


Any spammer who manages to get by that we'll hit with a stick of banning +5! :)
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