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Started by amuletts, September 17, 2010, 02:07:48 PM

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USERNAME: webcomixer

EMAIL: amuletts [At] yahoo [doT] com

DESCRIPTION: Webcomixer will be a small, reciprocative community of webcomic creators who help one another with advice and promotions. I'm planning on using Wordpress with Buddypress, so the public portion of the website will be a multi-user blog with articles about webcomics such as News, Spotlights, Interviews, advice, Fan Art, etc.

There will be a largely private forum which the members will use to discuss various projects, collaborations, cross-promotions, events and generally hang-out as a sort of support group for one another. Once upon a time there was a thing called the Webcomic Planet Collective and we did some pretty cool stuff, but it was ended. This is kind of the phoenix from the ashes – people like me got a lot out of it and were sad to see it go.

URLs: Well you know mine already it's – I think it's pretty clear this is a separate project though. Here are the URLS of a few other people who've put their hands up to be involved: ; ; ; ; ;

If you have any questions I'll do my best to answer. Thank you for your consideration.


I'm juggling a lot of thing in real life right now... but this shouldn't be much of a problem. Poke me/this in a few days if I haven't gotten back to you by then.


*POKE* :)

Thanks Xepher, I can well understand life takes priority, get round to it when you can.


Okay, done. You should have an email with login info.