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Comics not sequenced in the new archives


Some main comics seem to be missing from the new archives.

After Capnap's visit:

The next "new" comic matches

136a-139a are skipped, and two or three of those seem to actually be part of the plotline at that point. (The graveyard jokes can be skipped, and maybe the forum war reference, but there's two definite yes's in there, I think)

The new archive has been reorganized. Some comics were moved to "Side Strips" on the new site, thus bringing down the strip number match ups. Also, crossover comics have been integrated into the new archive, so numbers also have been screwed in that sense.

The new archive is the archive. As far as I know, there should be no errors.

I'm deleting the old, and I probably should consider deleting the DD site or archive.


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