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Started by VectorNectar, December 15, 2010, 02:37:52 PM

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Hi Xepher!

Hi Everybody!

I want to become a part of your really
interessting project with a site for
my 2 musical projects "£¥€$"/"$€¥£",
which are English/German
but not at a "Bling-Bling Gangsta"
level, instead loaded with political
content, critizing the current state
of corruption, media manipulation,
and world-wide war mongering.

"VectorNectar" is my current pseudonym
as a graphical artist, and the site should
also contain my visual works not only my
musical productions. If you want to visit my
"Erowid Visionary Art Vaults" page "ghud"
(I´ve been "artist of the month"
in January 2006) to catch a little glimpse
of my work or my "youtube" channel
(the videos ain´t finished yet, just
info pages atm with really important
facts that most people don´t know):

Have a nice day!

Best regards,



You really need more to showcase for me to be able to judge. Prior websites would help, or anything showing a history of regular updates. Likewise, show that you can create and maintain a website.