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First Low Memory, now site is completely blank...

Started by jekkal, February 20, 2011, 09:57:48 PM

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... probably my mistake for thinking the solution was to upgrade some wordpress plugins since I was so out of date on a few, but I think the prime offender here (after a little googling) is WP-SuperCache. The Low Memory thing is more an an annoyance by comparison.

... so... yeah, HELP?!

I tried deleting the WP-supercache plugin, but it won't let me remove the directory...


I was poking around with PHP last night, so it's possible something I did changed things as well. Can you tell me where the folder you can't delete is? Also, what's the exact problem you're seeing... have an example URL that's broken?

EDIT: Sorry, I'm an idiot... "complete blank" is pretty obvious. :-)


I've manually disabled the cache by editing wp-config.php and set WP_CACHE to false, and backed up .htaccess to .htaccess.cache and removed all the WP-CACHE rewrites in that. Your page is now showing up correctly again.

Turns out, this wasn't because of the APC plugin I was messing with, though I found some other errors (on other people's sites) related to that, so it's been disabled again as well.


And access to the dashboard is restored, but the rest of the site still looks borked -- the index is showing up, but everything else is 404'd.

Thanks -- at least now I can see what I'm doing, but we're not out of the woods yet.


... scratch that, dashboard is putting out errors now. WAS working, at least.

Still, at least the index is back.


Yeah, I was still mucking with PHP. Something in wordpress really doesn't like APC. I tried to turn it back on and adjust some settings, but it just breaks things apparently. I just made an announcement explaining/apologizing. Things should be working for you again, and I'm leaving APC off this time. :-)


Dashboard and index are now fine, other pages are still borked. How much of this is your doing and how much is me making the problem worse I'm not sure.


The dashboard thing (undefined function error) was APC and my fault. The rest is not (as far as I know) related to anything I did. What pages are broken still? Try updating/clearing the page cache, and uninstalling or maybe reinstalling any cache plugins, see if that fixes it.


It looks like part of the stuff I disabled in the rewrites was still required. I've edited your .htaccess file again, and I can at least browse through your comics now. Let me know if there are other problems still.


Nifty. I'll keep you posted if I find any more issues, say, AFTER 3pm today...

(i.e. at some point I'll need to reinstate cacheing... but not gonna jinx anything for now)