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I Mucked Up PHP

Started by Xepher, February 21, 2011, 03:04:26 AM

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Yeah... my fault. I tried enabling APC (an opcode cache) that is intended to speed up PHP processing. However, it caused a lot of sites (especially wordpress installs) to have random glitches and errors. I've disabled APC, because I'd rather thing NOT break, even if it means burning a bit more CPU time, and it's not like the server is overloaded or anything. Anyway, if you had trouble with random PHP errors, check again, and I apologize for the trouble or confusion it might have caused.


APC is a bad idea for a shared host anyhow. :)
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Yeah, but I have more ram than common sense. :-)

It wasn't even filling up, it was just causing problems anyway. Oh well, I give up on it anyway. I'll try again with php 6.