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Say 'cheese'

Started by otrstf, June 07, 2011, 10:37:09 PM

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I'm having entirely too much fun with my digital game camera.  Finally getting to see the after-hours inhabitants of my yard:


Cool. Always fun to play with automated stuff like that, just to see what you get.


what's been just as interesting is the timestamps on each picture. That fox, a large raccoon, and an opossum will pass by within minutes of each other almost every night, sometimes several times.  Squirrels during the daytime, and rabbits maybe once a week either day or night.  The fox is ignoring the camera now, and the 'coon is convinced I might have hidden something edible inside. It was covered in muddy pawprints once.


Just found this... foxes jumping on a trampoline.


I didn't know I needed a trampoline; why didn't they mention it?!

Of course, the raccoons would just hang out on the trampoline instead.  One has knocked the camera over twice now, trying to get at whatever makes the 'click' sound.