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Clarrification on Traffic Exchanges / Ads

Started by fesworks, August 22, 2011, 05:13:57 PM

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I know there is/was a standing policy on advertising services with being hosted on Xepher, though Project Wonderful Ads had long since been allowed.

I have been approached by the traffic exchange group Scribol. I know another webcomic that has used this service and they seem legit, by their testimony, of traffic increases via similar sites.

It appears to strictly be a traffic exchange system, and not an ad system (no money exchanged, as far as I can tell.).

I figured I would clarify with Xepher, to see if this program would be acceptable for use on Xepher-Hosted Content.


Can you give me an example of what it looks like on a site that uses it? I visited several sites linked from their front page, but I'm not sure what I'm looking for on the actual pages? Is there a banner or "ad" somewhere on linked sites?


Scroll down to the post section. look to the right, it says "from the network" and the images under it.

I believe that content is controllable to a certain extent, and I also believe size (or number of images) is, as well.

I'll ask for more information on it all when I get back to the recruiter.

EDIT: I do know that they are looking for more comics to add to their listings.


Ah... I am a moron. I had ad-block on, so it was hiding things as expected. Doh! I turned it off and looked at stuff. Looks legit enough to me, so go for it. If I ever see it offering a free iPad though, we shall have words! :-P


Thanks! They said I should only be in line with other webcomics, so I'll be keeping an eye on it!